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undercoverlara · 22/09/2011 22:30

My daughter wants a/some hexbugs for her birthday, but I can't tell if they are any good or will just join the piles of junk that I really dislike. Are they battery heavy? Does anyone have a view on them? Thank you, Lara

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pramsgalore · 26/09/2011 13:37

yes they eat batteries and are boring, i spent £35 and wish i had not, had to replace batteries after first day and new ones lasted 2 days, my son has sn and loves things that are simple and just run about, even he does not really like these, my 6 year old dd shows no interest in them at all, but thought they looked cool in the shop!!!!!!

MrsHeffley · 26/09/2011 21:28

My kids love them and you can make runs out of Lego for them.We get cheap batteries from a local hardware store.

We don't have pets,my 3 have really bonded with their Hex Bugs,making homes,pens,zoos etc for themBlush.

They also have the cheaper I insect version.

I'd really recommend them actually,loads of play value but you'll need to lecture about battery usage.

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