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Vtech Mobigo or Leapster (new one?)

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millypip · 12/06/2011 12:19

Hi, we are looking to buy our 3 year old a small games console. My daughter has a leapster 2 which she loves. Fortunately she doesn't spend hours on it but it is great to bring out when she needs a bit of quiet time. We're going camping in a few weeks so

We're looking at getting the same for our son but notice that there is a new leapster out and also the vtech mobigo. Does anybody have any experience with these or advice? Naturally the leapster 2 games don't seem to be compatible with the new leapster!

Originally i thought I would get the leapster 2 so that they could share games but I wonder if they might fight when they want the same game at the same time. I can never win!

Has anybody got a mobigo? Any advice is much appreciated.

Thank you!

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Lucky13 · 12/06/2011 21:35

We have a mobigo and I think it's great. The games are a good mix of fun and education and each one is different from the others and seems to focus on a separate topic.

We bought ours and extra games from ELC with the birthday club discount, so it worked out around 39.99.

DD has had a it over a year now and doesn't tire of it. We use it especially for car journeys and when she has it, she never asks 'are we there yet'!!

millypip · 13/06/2011 09:16

Thank you Lucky13. I was planning on using our birthday discount too so that looks like a good price, we could even afford a game then. The games are soo expensive for all of them aren't they.

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