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Toys for the garden

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suebfg · 21/05/2011 22:02

My DS (3) has a few toys in the garden (wendy house, small table for sand/water, wheelbarrow etc). Never had a swing/climbing frame etc in the garden - we take him to the park.

Are we normal or is it normal to have these things in your back garden? We could afford them but it just never crossed our minds tbh. Also, as he's an only child, it's nice for him to play with others at the park.

OP posts:
WhoWhoWhoWho · 22/05/2011 17:04

Are you asking if you should have a swing and climbing frame because you could afford them? I don't think you should feel that obliged, it sounds like your DS has plenty to play with and a swing/climbing frame will take up a fair chunk of garden which unless garden is the size of a field I personally wouldn't want.

suebfg · 22/05/2011 21:07

I know it sounds silly but yes. I was questioning myself because lots of other parents we know have this equipment in their garden and I was wondering if we were depriving him.

OP posts:
WhoWhoWhoWho · 23/05/2011 09:00

Some children don't even have a garden! It sounds like your ds is happy with what he has and his trips to the park so don't worry. Smile

Tinkerisdead · 23/05/2011 09:05

I have this same issue, my DD is 2 and I'm under extreme pressure to get her a trampoline. All her friends have one, her cousin has one and she loves going on them. We can't afford one but my MIL keeps saying she'll buy it for her as she evidently loves them.

We've just rented a house with a lovely long garden which is split into sections, the end we are giving over to DD and her plastic toys. I feel like she will get more pleasure, learning and imagination etc from playing in her wendy house under the apple tree than just using a trampoline. But I'm looked at like I'm depriving her. Is 2 too young for an 8ft trampoline in the garden, I'm not sure.

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