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is 2 too young for a micro scooter?

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Mumswang · 09/05/2011 16:32

DS's 2nd birthday is soon

i was going to get him one of those 3 wheeled scooters, but they say from ages 3 upwards. i'm sure i see smaller kids than that on them

anyone had one earlier? i don't expect him to be scooting away straight away but thought he might enjoy having one like the other, bigger children he knows

OP posts:
WreckoftheHesperus · 09/05/2011 16:34

nope, DD had one from 14 months (kept trying everyone else's), and was fairly proficient from 18 months - go for it Grin

electra · 09/05/2011 16:34

My 2 year old would certainly not yet be agile enough for a scooter but children differ so much - if you're thinking of it for him perhaps he'll be able to do it?

moomaa · 09/05/2011 16:35

Yes, we got DD one at that age because her older brother got one at the same time. At nearly 3 now she can scoot forwards well but struggles to steer. I do quite a lot of pulling her along on it. She is quite good at physical stuff generally. I would leave it a year.

moomaa · 09/05/2011 16:36

Has a friend got one, could you let him have a go on someone elses?

DilysPrice · 09/05/2011 16:40

I'd try and borrow one at the playground and experiment. Depends on his size and agility - I'd say most DCs can use them effectively from the age of 2 and a half, but there's a lot of variation, and of course a 2 year old would need especially hawk-like supervision and quite a lot of Elastoplast.

Mumswang · 09/05/2011 16:44

ha ha yes Dilys i hear you re: the elastoplast

i thought he could just muck around in the garden on one, no way is he safe to be let loose on the street, hell he can;t even walk along the road without very close supersion, constant coaxing, turning around and legging it back the way we came, etc etc

it might be wise to wait, but then what do i get him for his birthday?

OP posts:
pirateparty · 09/05/2011 17:03

My ds has one - he is 2.5 yrs. I agree get him to try it first at someone else's house. He is fine on it, but not sure whether he would have been 6 months ago, but I don't know. I'm sure it depends on the child. But agree would need a lot of supervision! But then they need at lot of supervision at two anyway!

If you wanted an outside vehicle what about one of those little tykes coupe cars or fire engines? Or a tractor - maybe even with pedals to grow into? Although that would be a lot more expensive than a scooter. Outside stuff is lovely as a present for this time of year. A little slide maybe?

KeepCalmAndCarryOnMNing · 09/05/2011 20:43

We gave DS a mini micro scooter for his 2nd birthday and he used it fine (and he's quite small) I can't find it now, but it used to say on their website that although the age group was from 3yrs old, the company felt that the mini micro could be used from age 2.

For the first few months he could only scoot on it very slowly (which wasn't a bad thing), but from around 2 1/2 he could whizz about on it fairly competently.

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