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Toddler Scooter that _doesn't_ steer?

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Liska · 30/04/2011 16:17

Can anyone recommend a scooter for a 3/4 year old, that has a fixed front wheel so doesn't steer? DD has a scooter (one that goes from 4 wheels to 3 to 2), but can't learn to ride because she just can't keep the handlebars straight. I've run out of patience, so thought if I could get her one that doesn't steer, she could start wth that to build up her confidence. Any thoughts?

OP posts:
sam2cats · 30/04/2011 17:03

All the kids where I live have micro scooters. John Lewis stock them they also have their own website where you can see the full range. The steering is fixed, it has 3 wheels and its really light but also very sturdy. My DD loves hers. hths!

CarGirl · 30/04/2011 17:04

def the mini micro scooter, ELC now sell a very similar looking one but I'm not sure how it compares in terms of lightness and quality.

piprabbit · 30/04/2011 17:06

The mini micro scooter is great. The handlebars are fixed, but the steering works as the child shifts their bodyweight from side to side.

My 2yo is whizzing around like a maniac in his.

sam2cats · 30/04/2011 17:10
Liska · 30/04/2011 19:52

Fantastic! I went to feed DD and came back to a unanimous answer - thank you!

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 30/04/2011 19:53

yes def micro scooter!

KeepCalmAndCarryOnMNing · 01/05/2011 13:34

Another yes for the mini micro. DS loves his. If you're happy with either red/pink option I found getting a discount code for jojomamanbebe with free delivery was the cheapest way to to get one. That said, I wish we'd paid extra for one of the limited edition colours!

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