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L eapfrog Tag - which one?

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RJRabbit · 09/03/2011 13:32

Hi, I have a 3-and-a-half yr old and am unsure which Leapfrog tag system would be best to get for him. There's one for 2-4 years and one for 4-8/9ish. I don't want to be buying two systems but wonder whether the 4-8 yr old one might be too advanced for him.

Has anyone got one of these things and a 3 year old?!

The younger one has books/stories with characters he loves, but they seem to be about shapes and colours which he already knows about.

There are books/characters in the older one that he loves too, but he doesn't know/recognise the alphabet yet....

Do you think the younger one would last well into being 4, or ...... am I just overthinking this whole thing!!!!

OP posts:
TomThumbMum · 16/03/2011 21:15

I am buying the leapfrog junior tag pal for my two year olds birthday - according to user reviews on amazon there wasn't enough in the books to keep a three year old entertained so you may want to look at those reviews before making a decision.

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