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Monster High dolls

5 replies

theagedparent · 16/12/2010 13:31

Has anyone seen any of these for sale? My dd really wants the Draculaura one but it is sold out everywhere I have tried looking. Thanks x

OP posts:
BrianAndHisBalls · 16/12/2010 14:52

they're selling on ebay for about £28 or if you try all the Argos near you at about 6.30 pm each night they relist all the ones that weren't collected that day (that had been reserved) so you might drop lucky.

ditavonteesed · 16/12/2010 14:55

I managed to get dd one 2 weeks ago, but she has ended up with blue lagoona, argos were totally sold out and draculaura was the first one to go. I think if you really want one you are going to have to pay over the odds, amazon had them l;isted but realy £££. sorry not much help.

theagedparent · 16/12/2010 15:23

Thanks, I will check out Argos later otherwise it will have to be Ebay x

OP posts:
ditavonteesed · 17/12/2010 19:13

did you have any luck?

BrianAndHisBalls · 18/12/2010 12:03

Smyths have them in some of their stores, if you look at their website you can check any stores near you for stock.

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