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Best play dough set for 3 and 5 yr old?

4 replies

spikemomma · 19/11/2010 19:12

What play dough set do you think is a really good one, which get's all parts of it played with?

OP posts:
Elk · 19/11/2010 20:14

The only ones that my two (now 7 and 5) have always enjoyed are ones with rolling pins and little cake type cutters. They also enjoy using plastic sissors to cut the playdoh, anything else required lots of assistance and they got bored.

BangingNoise · 19/11/2010 20:15

The suitcase on wheels filled with stuff has gone down extremely well with my DS and has lasted much longer, novelty-wise, than other sets.

spikemomma · 21/11/2010 19:26

Thanks Elk and BangingNoise. x

OP posts:
BikeRunSki · 21/11/2010 19:32

My DS is 2 and absolutely adores the Playdoh Barber Shop. He can't quiet manage to do it himself, and I spend hours making "hair" for him. I imagine that 3 and 5 year olds could manage the hair too.

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