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Looking for a new scooter

2 replies

weepootle · 08/09/2010 18:06

for dd1 (almost 6), does anyone have the ones with pneumatic tyres like this and are they worth the money?

OP posts:
smokiejo · 10/09/2010 14:36

Have you tried the Maxi Scooter? They are a fantastic scooter and retail at £99.99. I sell loads of them in my shop Little Nut Tree Toys in Wilmslow - I can't keep them in stock. They're the size up from the popular Micro Scooter and are fabulous fun. The only thing with the scooter you've looked at is that I can imagine your child outgrowing it quickly and at £130 a pop, it's a lot of money. Whereas with the Maxi Scooter they remain cool until they're teenagers - we've even had parents buy them from us!

smokiejo · 10/09/2010 14:37

Sorry - they're £89.99 not as previously mentioned £99.99 Blush

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