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Hama bead 5000 bead starter kit

2 replies

SweetEm · 13/07/2010 14:00

I bought a Hama bead starter kit today that has 5,000 beads and 4 pegboards in a jar. Like this one. On the label it claims '40 designs'. However, inside there is a piece of paper with only 8 designs on it.

Has anyone else bought one of these and had instructions for 40 designs?

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jenroy29 · 13/07/2010 21:49

Are there ten different coloured beads 10x4pegboards=40

When I saw your headline, the thought crossed my mind that your post was going to read "there's only 4998 beads in the pot"

My dd 9 got some a few years ago and I threw away the ironing paper (thinking it was packaging) but normal paper works fine. Also she finds the peg boards like the heart and rabbit limiting and tends to just use the square (bigger than the one in your set) to make her own pictures.

Also search online for other designs.

SweetEm · 14/07/2010 13:49

If it is claiming 40 designs because there are 10 different coloured beads x 4 peg boards then I think this is misleading to the point of mis-selling!

Given they produce inspiration booklets, I was expecting a leaflet inside with 40 designs in it. Wouldn't most people?

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