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The unexplained

Some support

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Whole · 18/01/2023 11:20

I had some health issues physical and some sort of depressions. So I changed my lifestyle, healthy eating, workout class to be healthy as I have dependants to look after.

My gym is local. Every morning after school run i do 2 workout classes.

Today it was a high intense Body Combat/ Boxing workout. The studio was almost full. We had some 1m distance between other people.

As mentioned above the workout was intense. I was quit breathless was not able to hold towel tissues because of nature of the workout.

A lady came to me and said I can feel your breathe use hands or towel at least. I said sorry to her.
I do not know how can i control breath in a workout its natural.
I had a traumatic childhood which made me so sensitive these things bothers me a lot.

I need some support and advice

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