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The paranormal

What is going on?

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kissmelittleass · 05/07/2021 00:37

Long story short from about 14 I've seen people not of this world a couple of times , heard noises like footsteps, general movement as if someone was in house I was living in at time and now this..,
Been in current house about 15 years heard a few things over the years but dismissed them, seen what looked like orbs over my daughters cot one night few years back and then nothing until January this year.
My daughter came downstairs one afternoon in January and said there was a boy in your bedroom I laughed and said haha she said I was sat in your bed looking at my phone and I felt someone there I looked up and a boy had his head peeking round the door at me , she thought it was her older brother ( who was out at time this happened) and said his name and he pulled head back, she jumped up and went in her brothers room and checked and of course he wasn't there! Then came downstairs to tell me.
Shortly after one evening she was sat eating dinner at table and said I just seen someone coming down the stairs, when questioned she said I just saw trousers coming down the stairs?!!
Very soon after numerous times and I'm only putting two and two together now I started hearing mum and I would shout yes then mummy and then I'd usually shout yes what is it?
Sounded like my son's voice sometimes he was in the house and I'd go find him to see what he wanted and he'd say he didn't call me I'd joke and say I must be going senile!
Then about a week ago my daughter was in my room for the night as she was unwell and I woke up and hear mum being called, I said yes and then as before I heard mummy and I said yes what is it? My daughter said I'm scared there was a girl I think calling you , I said it was you as it sounded like her, she started crying and said it wasn't me I heard a girl calling you and this sounds mad but as I looked towards my bedroom door I saw a white oval shape and then it was gone??
One more thing that freaked me out recently was one morning dh was taking dd to school and I stood by window to wave her off and as I stood there I tidied up the cushions on the sofa and as I did it made a sound as if someone sat up from the sofa.
I stood staring at the sofa and I know it sounds mad but it's true and it's scaring me and I'm a grown adult, dd is 12 btw so not a young child and knows what she seen and heard also.
It's just scaring me now and I don't want to hear anything else.
Anyone else experienced anything like this?

OP posts:
Emimummy · 05/07/2021 00:49

Whatever you do, do not try to interact with these spirits. Quite often they mimic being children to seem less threatening and try trick you. Buy some sage and cleanse your house.

TellmewhoIam · 05/07/2021 01:21

Get the house checked for carbon monoxide leaks asap. They can cause this. Also some types of epilepsy and some types of mental illness can present this way. If no scientific reason, a blessing by a qualified, solid religious leader (not anyone who would stir things up more). Wishing you well and safe!

Liverbird77 · 11/07/2021 06:49

This has freaked me out. Has anything belae happened, op?

Liverbird77 · 11/07/2021 06:49


StormcloakNord · 11/07/2021 07:02

This cannot be serious Confused

Check for gas leaks because none of this is real & you sound ill.

Silkal · 01/08/2021 11:19

Ignore the sceptics. None of us know for sure whether these sort of events are a form of hallucination or something other worldly but I would err on the side of caution and have the house blessed by a priest. It might help a d certainly won’t do any harm.

IveGotASongThatllGetOnYNerves · 01/08/2021 11:22

Don't ignore the sceptics. Getting your house checked is very important. Carbon monoxide is a killer. Even if you believe in ghosts, only a fool would not rule out checking for the more rational possibilities.

IveGotASongThatllGetOnYNerves · 01/08/2021 11:22

Would rule out checking.

RosieRoww · 08/08/2021 14:07

I would smudge the whole house- first with sage, that sort off erase all kind of energy bad and good as well, so you'll have sort of blank paper, and then burn sweet grass for restoring positive energy.

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