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The unexplained

Haunted home?!

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ttc97 · 11/09/2020 12:37

Some will think I'm crazy.. but here goes 🤷‍♀ī¸đŸ˜…

We have recently moved from this property - thank goodness!

OH's and my first home was a 165 year old cottage in the middle of nowhere! It had great character, and whilst the outside of the home was period and un-changed, the inside has been bought up to date, extended and modernised after the old lady that lived in the home before us, moved out to a fare home (sadly we found out she died a few months after the move) ☚ī¸

As soon as we moved in, and began having friends over to socialise and for dinners etc, it as soon apparent that not many people felt comfortable in the house whatsoever, which was a little unnerving for us, too.. e.g when my friend wanted to use the toilet, she would ask for her OH to 'come with' or she would blatantly say she will wait until she gets home.. other times when having my younger siblings over to stay, they would have a hard time falling asleep and other times just blatantly not want to go to bed in the spare room at all.. resulting in me having to drive them home in early hours of the morning.

It sounds stereotypical in a sense, but there was definitely the feeling of being watched, or that you aren't alone even though it didn't scare me or feel ominous.. but it was definitely there none the less. Especially so around the upstairs stairwell and landing..

One month, I was home alone for 3 weeks in total whilst OH was away for work. I didn't feel scared at the time, until one evening when I arrived home from work to find my dressing table mirror lying face up in the middle of my bedroom floor...
it could well have been knocked over, or perhaps lost its balance but for it to have traveled a good meter or so before then landing mirror side UP on the floor is strange to me.
That evening and the following weeks to come, I was actually quite afraid and still to this day don't actually know how I got through the rest of those 3 weeks alone 😂😅

After 3 years we decided we'd quite like to move, for work and travel reasons mainly.

As we were packing up to move house, the activity got much more frequent and obvious to both my and my fully sceptic partner!

One evening he was taking a shower in the main bathroom on the middle of the upstairs landing. I was in the bedroom getting ready for bed. No TV radio etc on, the only sound I could hear was the shower in the distance.
As I was getting into bed, I heard - clear as day - an elderly man's voice come from the corner of my bedroom, say 'oh well, it is what it is!' I could pinpoint the exact location as it was only a few meters from me, and it was CLEAR. AS. DAY.
I walked down the hall to the bathroom to ask my partner what is was that he just said, and what he meant by it.. and he still to this day, is adamant that he didn't say anything. I do believe this, because it wouldn't have been so crisp and clear if he'd of said it from the shower, and to be honest I doubt I'd have even heard him speak if it was him.

I went to bed that evening with my bedside lamp on, and to be honest barely slept a wink that night..

As we began packing the house up to move to our current new build home (thank god! 😅😂)
We found that the house became a little more 'alive' so to speak.. creaks, bangs and unexplainable knocks were coming from upstairs in our bedroom when we were the only two in the house..
The TV remote would disappear on several occasions, only to turn up in really odd places such as the fridge and the glass cabinet on several occasions.
We often had neighbours call us on nights when we weren't home, to say the fire alarm was going off, or that we had left a light on upstairs even though we check, check and DOUBLE check each time we leave the house that everything is locked up / turned off. Especially when going away for the weekend or on holiday.

Whilst I didn't hear any further voices, I must add that as we continued to have guests and visitors, everybody said (once we had moved out) that they had felt an extreme sense of foreboding and fear when upstairs alone. Most people have said they didn't want to mention this whilst we still lived there as they knew it could frighten us.

I should add that when we moved in, we were sorting our first food shop into the cupboards when we came across an old clay 'pot' in the shape of an ancient urn. I'm not great at history so didn't look much into it. The home is so old and been there many years, serving as a servants home for the large home across the street from us in days gone by, so I stupidly thought perhaps it's been left here as an artefact?!

It was full to the brim of mud, it was actually oxidising around the edges into a teal green colour where it had been left exposed.
Since I didn't know what it was, I tried numerous times to leave it soaking overnight to try to loosen the contents, since we didn't know what was inside (stupidly thought we may have found our fortune 😂)
It never budged, no matter what I tried to do to loosen what was inside. It stayed put and was rock solid!!! I cant even explain to you.. not even a little bit of what was inside would come out!

A day before moving, we had it confirmed that it was actually in fact an old urn by the local historian and also double checked with a local museum.
To whom it belonged to, we have no idea. The reason it's fine so hard is the fact there is no lid on top. We left it in the cupboard as we had found it.
To this day, I feel totally awful now for having tampered with it, I would never have gone near it had I known.. it would have actually really freaked me out to be honest! 😟 how I lived 3 years in that home thinking it was just a pot is beyond me 😂

Now we have moved and we have had - touch wood - no experiences here at all.
The atmosphere is completely different.. light and airy and happy.
It's only now we have moved that I can see the difference in how I used to feel when living in the old house! This house has changed me for the better. I don't feel so on edge!

I know this sounds silly - I would think so to if I was reading this written by someone else. I am not saying for a minute that I 'believe' but I'm open to the idea..

I don't know what the history was if that house but I would love to find out one day.

I suppose I was just thinking about it whilst sat in the new house with a cuppa and taking it all in..

I wonder if anyone could share some light on what you think may have been going on in the old home?

💓 Love and light 💓

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ttc97 · 11/09/2020 15:18

Bumping the post 💓

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thedaytodayyesterday · 18/09/2020 20:34

Bumping for you. I have no help to offer other than a friend of mine has similar experiences in an old Manor house. The mum heard someone singing a lullaby to their son on the baby monitor, went to get baby, ran out of the house and sat in the car terrified. They put the house up for sale shortly after. They loved the house but they couldn't stand the "feeling" of the place, the lullaby incident was the last straw for them I think

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