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Something evil..

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Therewere5inthebed · 27/03/2020 11:47

Ok, long post but would like advice from someone who could advise..

When I was a young girl, around 4 so pre-school, I had something happen to me, my family are aware of it as I told both my Mum and Dad at the time. Mum was dismissive as she always was with me (narcissist) and Dad didn’t know what to do so said he believed me but was not proactive as such as he was unsure what to do.

It was a sunny spring morning and I remember being called by a voice, I was in the back room and the voice came from the front room, Mum was in the kitchen so didn’t see me walk through to the ‘out of bounds‘ to me ‘sitting room’ I remember wandering in and looking around before sitting near the bay window looking out at the street, all of a sudden I remember being pulled to the floor and having something lay on me, it was heavy and prevented me from moving as well as it hurting me.

This thing had a face but I remember replacing this face in my head as Tony the Tiger from the Frosties ad, less scary I suppose.. but then as time progressed I ran and hid whenever the advert was on tv or if I heard a motorbike as he rode one in the ad, and being hysterical.

As the years passed the memory has never faded but the fear of that room lessened, I avoided the room at all costs though.

My Dad still lives in the house but I rarely visit, it’s easier for him to visit us anyway, and if I do go inside always get a feeling of dread and utter dispair.

Fast forward to last October, Dad arrived at my house looking very unwell, this resulted in me calling 999 and he was rushed to hospital with what later turned out to be pneumonia.

I drove to his house to get him essentials, pj’s pants etc once it became clear he was staying in for a while. I collected the clothes, his glasses, a book etc and couldn’t find a bag to put it in other than his hobby bag which was kept in the front room.. now I must add that at this time I was worried sick about my Dad, my mind was racing with what to take for him, thinking about who I could ask to collect DD from school etc, I walked into the room carrying his things, sat on an armchair and took the things out of his bag in order to put his hospital things in when I heard a voice in my head, as clear as if someone had spoken out loud, “so you’re back then”
I stopped what I was doing and answered, also in my head I think, “yes, I am” immediately I got a reply “are you not scared?” to which I replied “ not anymore” it then replied “well, you should be”

I left the house in a heartbeat and took Dads things to the hospital but spoke to DH about it that evening. He didn’t really know what to say as he knows the history but also knows that I’m a rational person with no MH issues.

The next day (Saturday) my car just stopped as if someone had pulled the plug out as I was midway across a busy junction, thankfully nothing hit me, it was towed to the garage who could find absolutely nothing wrong with it.
On the Sunday I slipped and broke my ankle resulting in me loosing my income totally (self employed). There have been so many bizarre, unlucky things happening since then that a number of people have commented on how terrible my luck has been since this time..

My Dad has said that he has never had a problem in that room but on occasion he’s walked in there and the whole room has felt freezing cold, when this happens he just says out loud “don’t even think about messing with me” and walks out of the room.

I’ve thought about smudging the room but don’t want to mess with something that I don’t understand.

OP posts:

LavenderBee · 31/12/2020 10:33

Hi op... just read the thread and sort to see your update. I wonder if there’s anyone you can get that would visit, socially distanced, in these circumstances before you move in. The last thing you need is this with caring for a terminally ill DF... I’m so sorry Flowers... otherwise, it sounds like you have done lots of looking into it. You can write or say you’d own house blessings and leg whatever it is know that you aren’t a small child now but a strong physical and spiritual being that is in charge and expects it to go? Just a thought.. on similar threads it seems that blessings and exerting control often is enough x


Heavymetaldetector · 07/01/2021 17:26

I’m so sorry op xxx


ShizeItsWeegie · 12/01/2021 10:47

There's an excellent cleansing ritual by a poster called Rook Dygin on 'Your Ghost Stories' website. I have used it myself.


KisstheTeapot14 · 12/01/2021 11:01

I have had similar experiences and I think these things - whatever they are - use fear as a way in. They are perhaps not powerful in themselves but they cultivate fear in you as a way of getting power over you. Kind of like spiritual bullying. You're dad is right to defy it. Bullies are usually cowards and weak at heart.

Yes to prayer. I'm not a Christian but I do think prayer helps.

I always like to remember that there is an ocean of light - much stronger than the ocean of dark.

Don't know what to make of your accidents. It could be coincidence. Could you find someone to give you a blessing (outside at 2 m)?


Symphony830 · 01/02/2021 02:04

Sorry to hear about the ill health of your dad. Must be especially difficult in this current Covid climate x

I am following your thread with interest as owner of a haunted property. I have no mental health issues and believe what you write has happened.

I will write about my own property in another thread and just pull out any similarities with your situation here.

Firstly, I did get a Medium to visit my premises after several years of incidents, told him nothing other than I have a premises that has activity could he visit and give me his thoughts. What he said aligned with the incidents over the years. He would not accept any payment.

I burn sage in my building regularly. White sage. I have a terracotta pot , a large feather duster and a bell. This is a standard ritual if you look online. Do I look like a crack pot doing this? Yes, I do! It makes me feel like I have control over the building - I am the boss around here.

I’ve heard my name called maybe three times over ten years. I can identify exactly with what you say about it being in your head. It is not picked up by your ears but loud and always very clear in your head when no other noise around.

What is in my building is a man and a small child. The man was identified by the Medium in the location where another colleague saw a man walking up the stairs. This incident saw me driving 90 min round trip with a child late one evening to lock up and turn everything off as she had fled. It was this that prompted the Medium being called in.

We have a small boy in one of the rooms. Seen by another colleague and seen by two clients to the buildings.

I have never seen either of these, but I keep a log of incidents with times, days of the week and who was present in the building.

I have heard footsteps come upstairs, along the corridors and up another flight of stairs along with a colleague and a client. I have heard children running around with this same client.

2013/2014 had a car incident round the corner from work. Can only describe it as though someone else got a hold of the wheel and was jolting it from side to side trying to make me crash. With all my strength I had to fight to get on the kerb to run into the bushes. So bad was this that I called Highways to say I thought there might have been a spillage and also flagged down a police car before someone else did to report what they would have perceived to be a dangerous driver trying to take out several cars. I had it towed away to a garage and they found nothing. My mechanic friend also took a look. Nothing. Highways Agency said nothing on the road. This disturbs me several years on, but nothing similar has ever happened again; though I had the car scrapped shortly thereafter.

I would ask a Medium to come around. Maybe without you in the house and see what they say.


Symphony830 · 01/02/2021 02:21

... this is a good starting point.

I would also speak to any adjacent neighbours to that room if it’s a semi detached or terraced property. See if they experience anything.

Do you know the history of the house? I looked up old census reports on Ancestry to get past inhabitants.

For now, my building is quiet - nothing to report since March 2020 but I’m doing an extensive refurb on one of the rooms so maybe it will kick off again.

One final thing - the cold feeling. I experience this in one room. It is not as I enter but after I’ve been in a while. It’s not a subtle change - this I would describe as an intense icy feeling right through to the bone.


bingowingsmcgee · 01/02/2021 02:33

I would always leave a Bible in that room, and say the lord's prayer as often as you can. Christian or not. My daughter has been through something similar and I agree with those suggesting prayer.


catfeets · 01/02/2021 03:31

Only just seen this thread, OP, and I'm sorry to hear your update. Hope things are as well as they can be for you.

I have had similar issues in the past so completely believe your experiences. I'm due to move house shortly and your original post has worried me as I currently live in a house that doesn't appear to be haunted - a feeling I absolutely love after being terrorised in other houses.

I grew up in a house that always had things happening (jewellery going missing, electrical items flying across the room etc) but this got worse and worse to the point of me being pushed down the stairs on several occasions. My mum's ex-partner had started dabbling with an ouija board which I believe is what started the physical side of things.
I'd always heard voices in the house (only I experienced these), saw people and felt their touches but being pushed down the stairs multiple times as a child was extremely scary. We think that some of the spirits followed us from my grandparents' house after their death as my mum had experienced a lot of issues from being a child in that house but the evil, physical spirit was clearly attached to the ouija board use. I could feel its energy in the corner of my bedroom where the board was used and I always felt unsafe. Things happened that caused my friend to flee the room and she refused to ever enter it again so I know it wasn't just my imagination.
We couldn't wait to get out of that house when it was sold - it was the one good thing that came out of my parent's divorce. The issues definitely got worse after my dad left and although he isn't a spiritual person, I found out later that he was aware of a LOT of things happening in that house. The house recently came up for sale and I expressed an interest in going to look at it - my dad absolutely forbade me from going in case whatever was in there was still hanging around and could follow me back. Interestingly, he wouldn't at all have been aware of the physical issues I'd had as it was after he left the home, so must have been worried about something he'd witnessed himself.
When we moved, both parents insisted that all furniture was left open (apparently spirits can cadge a ride), spirits were forcefully told to stay put and many prayers were said. Luckily nothing followed us but the house we moved to had its own set of spirits although nothing too scary. We had a tall man who used to stand and stare at me in my attic bedroom, orbs floating around and a couple of other fleeting sightings.
I felt an enormous sense of relief when I moved into my current house to find it devoid of spirits for the most part. I've had occasional 'visitations' over the years but nothing worrying.

What I did note from the OPs post was the string of bad luck. Both me and my mum have horrendous luck (we were the focus of the spirits). Nothing ever goes right for us and life has been extremely difficult - I'm now wondering if this is linked to the issues with the spirits, as OP thought hers was.

I'm moving to a Georgian property and am now expecting the possibility of encountering spirits again and it's got me worried. My partner has never experienced any sort of spirit so I don't know if he'd be susceptible like I seem to be. I also have a baby and worry that she will experience issues from being young like I did. My parents were very worried when they realised my imaginary friend was not imaginary, but was instead a long dead relative who I'd never met in life.

I don't know whether to assume there's nothing here to follow us to the new house, or do some sort of ritual just in case.


Symphony830 · 02/02/2021 03:46

I see ghosts/haunting/spirits as residual energy that has eaten into the fabric of a building. I also believe that if that energy is negative then our awareness of it and how we respond to it can determine how it manifests itself.

About two years ago a colleague of mine was attacked in work. After the police had been I was desperate to clean all trace of his presence away. I moved the furniture around, bought fresh flowers, lit candles and then smoked the place out with sage and opened all the windows and doors. I don’t think my response was all that unusual and think that plenty of women instinctively would want to do similar things and reclaim our space back.

Why do people like burning sage? When you burn it, it produces negative ions that in turn release serotonin in our brains. This is similar to stepping out into the air after a thunderstorm, a walk by the sea on a particularly windy day, running water etc... we notice the difference in the atmosphere and we like it. So, I always recommend a sage-ing.

I do feel fortunate that my building hasn’t had the negativity that the OP has experienced or @catfeets experiences. These must be worrying but I do think they can be turned around with a plan and a decision on your part to take control of what’s happening. What course of action people take should be personal to them - what you feel is right, what you’re comfortable with ... it must come from an honest place.

@catsfeet I can understand your concern. One of my friends as she is about to walk through the door turns around and steps backwards. In her culture this is said to stop spirits following you. I will admit to having done it a couple of times as psychologically at least, it feels like you’re facing whatever it is head on and then stepping away then walking off.

I am glad that I came across this thread. It’s important to talk about these things and be believed. I’ve given up on mentioning things to my partner as I get so frustrated with him trying to explain things away. It doesn’t help. I have always lived in old properties... I know they creak and there’s old pipes, dodgy light fittings etc etc . I hear these all the time and dismiss them.

I look forward to hearing updates on both of the moves.

Best wishes


strawberriesontheNeva · 12/02/2021 22:47

Any updates op?


Triplexart · 16/02/2021 20:29

I too have had similar experiences. Shadows, moving objects, swinging lampshades, noises, growls, my name, electrical devices malfunctioning . The activity was concentrated in by bedroom as a child but extended down that side of the house, I was also held down and replaced the face with a cartoon character like you. Almost easier to deal with. It pursued me a lot, getting worse during my teenage years. It would “arrive” into the room rather than be there all the time. I could always feel it arriving and it would feel ominous. Then I would start to feel extreme temperatures, like I had cobwebs brushed over my body and like my hair was standing on end.

It got worse during difficult times in my life and took on different forms. I once had a (human) stalker and it seemed to embody both itself and the presence of the stalker. So eg when the stalking was at its worse, so was the haunting.

I tried several methods to deal with it. Confrontation and shouting at it used to be temporarily successful. But it was always coming back. Growing up and moving out was the final way of dealing with it


Therewere5inthebed · 20/02/2021 17:20

Sorry about the lack of updates, life has taken a shocking turn and the last four months have been the worst i’ve ever experienced.

In October my H decided that he no longer wished to be married to me, we’d had a really tough few years and lost both of our beloved dogs within 4 months of each other the second one during lockdown and he began an affair with an acquaintance of ours.

To say I am heartbroken is an understatement but I know we were not in a good place but the difference is I was determined to get through the tough times, he went for the easy option..

The same week that we split my DF was diagnosed with metastatic terminal cancer (despite having been given the 10 yr all clear the month before).

He went from being his usual happy self to a confused shell of a man between October and Christmas.

I moved in with him in January as he had a fall and I also needed to get away from the toxic environment sharing a house with H who was talking openly about his new ‘friend’ and even introduced our DD’s to her on what would have been our wedding anniversary.

After Christmas Dad rallied a bit but took a sudden downward spiral and died in ‘the’ room last Thursday with me holding his hand.

The atmosphere in the room feels oddly lighter now and I have no problem being in the room other than for the obvious connotation of it being where DF died.

I’m still in a state of shock over pretty much losing every stable thing in my life in such a short space of time but take each day at a time, that’s all I can do.

The funeral is in two weeks and once that is done I’ll give it a few days and sage the house. I feel I have enough knowledge and inner strength to do it myself but have backup if it either doesn’t work it makes things worse.

My thinking is that if I can survive the devastating events of the last four months I can survive anything.

OP posts:

KisstheTeapot14 · 20/02/2021 17:51

@Therewere5inthebed thank you for coming back to let us know what was happening.

You had been in my thoughts since first reading your post. I am so sorry to hear the terribly difficult things you have gone through. You are awe inspiring in how you have survived (especially hard in these times we are living) and I can tell from your post that you have a strong determination to gather what is good from life.There is pain and sorrow, but that is not all. If there is any justice, there will be plenty of the treasures of life yet to come.

I wish I could give you a hug. Whatever life brings, you have chosen the light. That is not always an easy thing to do, but necessary.

May things become better for you, in time.

In the meantime, we are here. People who you've never met but wish you well.

Kindest Wishes to you.


Therewere5inthebed · 20/02/2021 23:32

Thank you so much for your lovely post.

I could really do with a hug right now.

It’s been a tough day.

I had to go to the street with the family house in and totally by chance happened to see the OW kissing H on our doorstep and leaving with an overnight bag.
The girls had been with me overnight so it was obvious what had been going on.

I know he was seeing her but seeing her in what was my house and knowing she was with him in what was my bed destroyed me.

I can’t get the image out of my head and just wish I’d arrived five minutes later.

Can’t turn back the clock but really wanted a calm day before having to choose a plot for Dad at the Natural Burial Ground tomorrow.

Every day seems to be an emotional assault atm.

At home in Dads house, the girls are back with their dad and I feel so bloody sorry for myself.

Life can be so bloody unfair sometimes.

OP posts:

olbndanszombie · 21/02/2021 21:41

I very rarely post, but your story has made me want to reach out to you. I can't begin to imagine how you're feeling. It must be so difficult for you and your dds. And to lose your dad on top of all that must just be unimaginably painful. A virtual hug and a glass of something from me.


KisstheTeapot14 · 22/02/2021 09:15

Seeing your partner with someone new for the first time is like a dagger to the heart. I know this is an old cliche - but time will give you back some peace. Hard day to day though, when your heart is breaking.

Hope you found a peaceful spot for your dad.
Natural burial grounds sounds lovely.

Big hug x


Therewere5inthebed · 22/02/2021 16:23

Thank you for your post.
The pain is a physical pain and it feels like I just begin to heal and he does something to open up the old wounds and also inflict new ones. It is the lack of respect and honesty that hurts mainly. Relationships break down but there is no need for the utter contempt that he’s shown me.

Thank you @KisstheTeapot14
That is spot on, I once again feel that way.
I am hoping that this will be one of the last incidences of him being able to make me feel like this, it really is a physical pain.

I know time will help, I just wish I could hurry it along. I will be happy again and I am likely to see his new relationship crumbling if his past history is anything to go by. He really isn’t an easy person to live with (massive understatement) and I made so, so many sacrifices for him over the years that in hindsight I really shouldn’t have.

I have been the longest relationship he’s ever had at 15 years. Before me they were all less than 4 years and he was always the one to be left. Which at 51 years old isn’t a great track record.

The natural burial ground was lovely, his plot is very close to a self seeded English Oak which is mine and was DD’s favourite tree. There will also be a hazel planted for him too.

The birdsong at the site was breathtaking and as a seasoned birdwatcher it is the perfect place for him to be. It all felt right.

Thank you all for commenting and for being so supportive when I need it most and I will keep you updated with the spiritual side of things.

Interestingly the morning that Dad died his brother woke at exactly the time that he took his last breath and exactly a week later I woke at exactly the same time too.

I believe that my Dad will be there in whatever form he can for both me and DD going forward. As I say the atmosphere in that room has changed dramatically. I’d like to think that he has had something to do with it as considering I’m at rock bottom it would be a perfect opportunity for the evil to rear it’s ugly head.

OP posts:

KisstheTeapot14 · 22/02/2021 17:18

Maybe your dad managed to banish it as he went.

A nice image of him pulling whatever nasty thing it is off by its collar. :)

Let's hope.

Glad the room's atmosphere has changed.

Wonderful about the oak and the birdsong, a beautiful resting place for a bird watcher.


halfhope · 22/02/2021 23:35

there were five I'm so sorry you lost your dear Dad and I'm sorry too for all you're going through. 💐


stairway · 22/02/2021 23:46

Have read some of your updates, sorry for what you have been through. The experience you have had sounds like what the Muslim/Arab world describe as Jinns, these are not the souls of the dead.


KisstheTeapot14 · 23/02/2021 08:38

@Therewere5inthebed how are things today?

@stairway how would you describe a jinn? Why do they arrive and what are the methods for removal?

Always interested to read about people's experiences of these sort of things, especially from a different cultural perspective.


PeachPiePip · 23/02/2021 08:50

Sending you a hug OP. I read your original posts and just saw your update. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. He’s no doubt protecting you now. Wishing you strength 🌸


petitepeach · 25/02/2021 09:55

Gosh I have been following this thread and can’t believe what you have been through. So sorry you have lost your dad may he rest in peace.
You are one strong lady and I dearly hope things start improving for you, please come back when you need some support xx


Therewere5inthebed · 25/02/2021 11:25

Thank you all for your kind messages, you have really made me feel supported through an incredibly tough time.

I woke up today with a sense of calm, such a change to the sinking feeling I get when I realise that what I thought was a horrible nightmare turns out to actually be my life!

I think it’s the realisation that now I’m over the shock of seeing him with her they can’t hurt me anywhere near as much now.

It feels like a new chapter is beginning and I plan to grasp it with both hands.


OP posts:

yellowsubmarines · 31/03/2021 09:33

How are you OP? I'm so sorry for the loss of your dad. Flowers Your H bringing another woman into your house as your father is dying is just Shock to me. I hope you find strength from this experience and it helps you to create a wonderful new life for yourself.
I'm wondering if the spirit was attached to your dad like something from his past or did your dad remove the spirit when he left to keep you safe? It's interesting to me that the spirit left with your dad.
Either way I'm glad the house feels more peaceful to you now. Sending a big hug your way OP.

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