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Therewere5inthebed · 27/03/2020 11:47

Ok, long post but would like advice from someone who could advise..

When I was a young girl, around 4 so pre-school, I had something happen to me, my family are aware of it as I told both my Mum and Dad at the time. Mum was dismissive as she always was with me (narcissist) and Dad didn’t know what to do so said he believed me but was not proactive as such as he was unsure what to do.

It was a sunny spring morning and I remember being called by a voice, I was in the back room and the voice came from the front room, Mum was in the kitchen so didn’t see me walk through to the ‘out of bounds‘ to me ‘sitting room’ I remember wandering in and looking around before sitting near the bay window looking out at the street, all of a sudden I remember being pulled to the floor and having something lay on me, it was heavy and prevented me from moving as well as it hurting me.

This thing had a face but I remember replacing this face in my head as Tony the Tiger from the Frosties ad, less scary I suppose.. but then as time progressed I ran and hid whenever the advert was on tv or if I heard a motorbike as he rode one in the ad, and being hysterical.

As the years passed the memory has never faded but the fear of that room lessened, I avoided the room at all costs though.

My Dad still lives in the house but I rarely visit, it’s easier for him to visit us anyway, and if I do go inside always get a feeling of dread and utter dispair.

Fast forward to last October, Dad arrived at my house looking very unwell, this resulted in me calling 999 and he was rushed to hospital with what later turned out to be pneumonia.

I drove to his house to get him essentials, pj’s pants etc once it became clear he was staying in for a while. I collected the clothes, his glasses, a book etc and couldn’t find a bag to put it in other than his hobby bag which was kept in the front room.. now I must add that at this time I was worried sick about my Dad, my mind was racing with what to take for him, thinking about who I could ask to collect DD from school etc, I walked into the room carrying his things, sat on an armchair and took the things out of his bag in order to put his hospital things in when I heard a voice in my head, as clear as if someone had spoken out loud, “so you’re back then”
I stopped what I was doing and answered, also in my head I think, “yes, I am” immediately I got a reply “are you not scared?” to which I replied “ not anymore” it then replied “well, you should be”

I left the house in a heartbeat and took Dads things to the hospital but spoke to DH about it that evening. He didn’t really know what to say as he knows the history but also knows that I’m a rational person with no MH issues.

The next day (Saturday) my car just stopped as if someone had pulled the plug out as I was midway across a busy junction, thankfully nothing hit me, it was towed to the garage who could find absolutely nothing wrong with it.
On the Sunday I slipped and broke my ankle resulting in me loosing my income totally (self employed). There have been so many bizarre, unlucky things happening since then that a number of people have commented on how terrible my luck has been since this time..

My Dad has said that he has never had a problem in that room but on occasion he’s walked in there and the whole room has felt freezing cold, when this happens he just says out loud “don’t even think about messing with me” and walks out of the room.

I’ve thought about smudging the room but don’t want to mess with something that I don’t understand.

OP posts:

Poppyhopscotch · 06/05/2021 22:48

How are things now OP? This is the first time I've read the post but wanted to let you know we're still thinking of you. You're incredibly strong and an inspiration. Sending so much love x


Heavymetaldetector · 10/05/2021 18:53

Hi op xx I've been following from the beginning and I just wanted to send you so much love and strength. You are one tough woman, keep on keeping on, it's your turn for happiness now xxxxx


Therewere5inthebed · 17/05/2021 15:07

Thank you for your lovely comments.
Life is very settled for me now. I’m happy in Dads house, there has been absolutely no sign at all of anything untoward anywhere here since dad passed away, just a feeling of peace.

I’m enjoying having time to me after such a long time running around after everyone else.

Other than missing my dad massively obviously life is good.

Thanks for seeing me through the very toughest times.

OP posts:

MonicaGellerBing · 04/06/2021 19:06

Just read the whole thread. So happy that things are looking better for you OP. All the best for the future Thanks


LandoMilkNHoney · 09/06/2021 16:04

Just found this thread. I am so happy that you've found peace after everything you've been through @Therewere5inthebed Thanks

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