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The unexplained

Missing watch

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Parsley1234 · 31/10/2018 23:19

I was given a watch when my son was born last week in his 15th birthday I checked the time it was 8.10 pm.
I had a bath took off my rings would normally take my watch off too. A gentleman collected another watch at 9 didn’t come in the house and I went to bed.
Next morning went out came home looked for my Jewellry put it on but no watch I thought oh must have left it by my bed since then I’ve taken the house apart, had a cleaner in, stripped beds, checked rubbish and as a last resort asked the leading dowser in the uk to dowse for it. He says it’s not lost is in the house in a pocket but I can’t find it anywhere !!!
Any ideas you amazing people ? !

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