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Memories of recurring dreams

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Lnfb85 · 18/03/2015 14:04

i was reading a thread about memories you swear are real but aren't... It triggered my memories of childhood recurring dreams. Do you have any past or present recurring dreams that were very vivid almost felt real?

I have 3. 2 bad and 1 pleasant.

The first bad one was that I would lay in bed and see various spooky faces floating around near the ceiling- a witch is the one I remember clearest.

The second is that I imagined at the supermarket that if your food was bad you could take it to a whole in the wall, you sent the bad food down one travelator and the good food would come up through a different whole in the wall. I would place the bananas on the one to go down and I would fall. Then I would try to go up the up ine and the man at the bottom would make it go down too. Then my sister would reach her hand out to me and just as I touched it she would fall, then the same with my mum, whenever my dad reached down my dream/nightmare would end. I never did find out if we escaped or not.

The pleasant recurring dream is that I would get out of bed, walk to the loo. Climb up the toilet and onto the counter then jump. I would then fly down the hallway and around a wall that separated the lounge and kitchen but that you could go all the way around. I would just fly round and round for ages and when I was done I would fly back to the bathroom, land gracefully on the counter and climb back down and go back to bed.

All three of these I had before I was 6 plenty of times and I still remember them crystal clear like they were real memories.

OP posts:
Snozberry · 18/03/2015 14:14

I used to have a recurring dream when I was very young, that the furniture grew arms and legs and chased me around the room. It was dark and musty and so so frightening. I am sure it started when I had a little lamp with a character on it, and my parents used to say it was watching me so I better sleep or else.

One I have nowadays involves an escalator. It can be in various different settings but always the same escalator. It starts off normal but gets more and more steep and wide, until it is virtually vertical and so wide it has no sides to hold, and I am clinging on for dear life. I was once pushing the buggy in this dream and ended up with it dangling from one hand while I held on with the other hand.

thoughtsbecomethings · 18/03/2015 14:18

I had a recurring dream when I younger that I was wearing yellow wellies and was being dragged around my first school playground by my mums friend my knees were pouring with blood and I was crying but she didn't stop. Horrible dream

wfrances · 18/03/2015 14:23

all my are horrible,
the oldest one i ve got is :
i wake in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and stand in sticky liquid, i open my bedroom door and the landing light reveals pools of blood ,that ive walked in, theres blood all over the bottom of my nightie and my bloody footprints are everywhere but im not bothered with it- i have my wee,wash my hands and get back in bed ---- i ve had this dream since i was about 5.

SunnyBaudelaire · 18/03/2015 14:26

that is nasty frances.
Mine mostly involve a house that I am being shown but I am not going to live in cos somebody else is.
On the top floor is an evil damp room with water running down the walls and a wet carpet

Lnfb85 · 18/03/2015 14:31

Why are recurring dreams mostly frightening? Anyone have any good ones aswell?

OP posts:
iklboo · 18/03/2015 14:45

I sometimes wake up, go through my usual morning routine, come downstairs - and something will be wrong, or out of place. Like my dad will be here, or our dog who died 6 years ago, or we'll have a chandelier. I think 'Oh, I'm still asleep' - and it will all happen all over again, but something different will be wrong. This can go on three or four times before I ACTUALLY wake up. And then I wonder for a minute or so if I really am awake.

iklboo · 18/03/2015 14:49

I also have recurring themes. A lovely bay that I go to - different places in it (shore, beach, houses in it), but it's a very peaceful dream.

Or I can see millions of stars & constellations in the night sky. That one feels very uplifting when I have it.

I dream about tornados over water quite often. No damage is done but it looks powerful - deadly but beautiful.

patterkiller · 18/03/2015 15:00

I have a recurring dream, it always happens when I'm feeling a bit lonely in real life.
Basically I go to each of my previous BF (2) and I'm rejected by both, I'm trying desperately to find the father of my dcs but can't remember who it is.

It's the most real heartbreaking feeling and I always wake with an adrenalin rush in my hands and feet. As a side I've been happily married for 18 years and dh never features, he's the one I'm looking for but I just can't remember him.

Whoishillgirl · 18/03/2015 15:05

I had a recurring dream at a child which captured a few seconds. It was of lots and lots of bodies, the people were alive, in a space, all on top of each other and wailing. When I got a big older I remember seeing images of mass graves of people buried alive in pits. My dream was rather like being in one of those pits.

ScorpioMermaid · 02/05/2015 18:43

You know how sometimes when you dream, you're you, but you're not you. You can be some strange thing or person but it's you?! -just me then ha!- well..
I used to dream as a child, quite a lot, that i was a ball rolling around a room. then a bigger ball, quite a big ball, (I would describe it as a rolled up duvet.. strange I know) woukd join and roll around the room too. It would keep growing and gaining speed until it rolled over me and squashed me into its own rolling mass.

I used to wake up scared to death with my heart pounding everytime.

what's that all about? Hmm

n0ne · 17/04/2016 08:02

I've had many recurring dreams, to the point that in the dream itself, I know what's going to happen next. If it's a scary dream, that can be really comforting as it takes all the threat and suspense out. It's still horrible, but you can get through it, iyswim. I also used to be able to force myself awake from a nightmare, but that degenerated into the thing PP said about thinking you're awake but something would be slightly off (the door is in the wrong place for eg) so you'd force yourself awake from that and something else would be wrong etc etc.

Does anyone else have a kind of weird map of places in your dreams? Like I dream often of the house I grew up in, my old school, certain areas of London etc, and in my dreams I know the specific route from one to the next although it's nonsense irl.

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