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The tack room

Advert made me laugh!

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Tangle · 03/07/2010 18:51

So what's a 9 year old "Potential Stallion" when its at home?!?!?!

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Butkin · 03/07/2010 22:58

A very frustrated colt!

Is it s TB? Lots of horses are kept entire because they are well bred and the owners are hoping that at the end of their racing careers they may find some sort of stud home - maybe for hunters, showjumpers or ponies.

Tangle · 03/07/2010 23:19

It is a TB and I think you're probably spot on - but having a literal turn of mind I am a bit bemused as to where the poor boy's testicles are right now

OP posts:
Butkin · 04/07/2010 18:06

We had a colt who wasn't running well and we thought his enormous balls were causing him some discomfort. We therefore gelded him and the vet reported they "were like melons"!

Sad to say he hasn't shown huge improvement since (his mind is on other things) but hopefully he goes to York in August.

Tangle · 04/07/2010 19:43

I'll keep my fingers crossed he improves as his hormones calm down a bit

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