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Pony Holidays for Children

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slipperandpjsmum · 27/06/2010 16:44

My dd keeps asking if she can go on a horsey hol. We felt at 7 (8 in a couple weeks) she was too young but she keeps asking. She is a confident child and I do not feel she would get home sick. Have anyone else children been on horsey hols. How did they find them? Can anyone suggest anywhere? We live in Cheshire and would like somewhere within a hour or so travelling distance, although would travel further for her to have the chance to do some beach riding. Thanks.

OP posts:
luciemule · 27/06/2010 21:06

see here and at bottom of page for places that do it

MitchyInge · 09/07/2010 00:19

any luck?

was thinking maybe she would enjoy a 2 or 3 day pony camp at a riding school or something

can never quite understand why pony camp is so bloody expensive though

CMOTdibbler · 09/07/2010 09:06

The riding school I go to does 3/4 pony camps every school holiday, and the children seem to really enjoy it. It's a bit smaller scale than a holiday company too, so less daunting.

The 4 day camp is £199, which includes everything, and I don't think is bad

Would quite like to go myself really

MitchyInge · 09/07/2010 09:12

Bloody hell, ours are £300-£500!
Free for parents who can cope with camping and living on jammy dodgers and hot dogs though.

Ripeberry · 09/07/2010 09:14

What about PGL holidays? I think for pony treking they have to be older than 10yrs old but they do have a horse riding and horse care holiday for younger kids.

I went on a PGL holiday in the Black mountains in the 1980s and it was great!

SpiderObsession · 09/07/2010 10:59

Try your local riding schools.

When I was young [gawd I sound OLD FFS] my riding school put on riding holidays each Monday - Friday during the school holidays. We went out on hacks, learnt how to groom, pick out feet safely, clean tack etc and Friday was gymkhana day. No idea what it cost but I LOVED them.

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