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Electric fencing?

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Mayandbump23 · 07/06/2010 14:45

I have been offered a 5 acre field to keep my ponies in. The field has very basic fencing so I will need to reinforce it to stop any escapes and thought the easiest and cheapest way would be to put in some electric fencing. I have no idea where to start though. What do I need for the basic set up and where is the best place to get it from? I am hoping we could stay in the field for a couple of years at least but don't want to spend too much money in case we are asked to vacate it at some point, hence want a set up that will last but doesn't cost the earth.

OP posts:
Pixel · 07/06/2010 19:30

Hi, this will give you some idea of what you need but you would probably get it cheaper if you found a place that sells farm supplies rather than horsey stuff.

Pixel · 07/06/2010 19:49

And you'll need a car battery, or possibly 2 so you always have one charged if they are little escape artists, and something to charge it with (am assuming you are not near mains supply). If whatever you buy doesn't come with something to earth it just find something metal, we've got a big old screwdriver that does the job fine.

Butkin · 07/06/2010 20:05

We bought all our kit from CWG - do you have a branch near you (farm suppliers).

We've got about a 4 acre summer paddock which we strip graze to make sure they don't get too much at any one time.

We use the following:

a. An outdoor car type battery - the stockists will advise. We use an old one which doesn't hold its charge very well as a back up when re-charging the good one.

b. About 20 fence posts. We like the ones with lots of options on height.

c. A transformer (I guess this is the term) which has wires that go to the tape and clips that go to the battery and earth.

d. A metal stake which had little crosses to attach the wire clip to as an earthing post.

e. Some plastic screw eyes to attach the tape at the fence ends and to go round trees etc.

f. A gate thing which is a tape with a plastic handle which attaches to a wooden fence (to which we attach the end of the tape).

g. Loads of tape! You can either single or double it depending on how much you have an how far you want it to go. We double ours as the ponies could climb under otherwise.

h. We also bought a fence tester. Quite useful to make sure that all connections are working ok if you've a complicated set up like we have (round trees and at right angles etc).

Saggyoldclothcatpuss · 07/06/2010 22:50

Is there any way you can have mains electrics? Maybe ask a friendly neighbour to plug one in if you cover the cost? Mains is much better.
Farmcareuk is where I bought all my fencing from. Very economical and good customer service. Buy the best energiser you can afford. If you buy a cheap one or one which isn't powerful enough, you will just end up replacing it. I have this one it's very good. Farmcare also do some good deals on electric tape andsome very good insulators. If you ring them they are very helpful.

frostyfingers · 08/06/2010 16:18

Fencing a 5 acre field will be pricy - lots of tape to get in knots and lots of posts. The batteries are not cheap either. My pony is great at checking if the battery is ticking and if he doesn't think it is then he's through and away.

Depending on your arrangements (how much you're paying, how long for), could you negotiate with the owner to repair what's there, and perhaps contribute to that? It may work out cheaper in the long run, and be more reliable.

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