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What coats do people wear when riding/mucking out these days?

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Conundrumish · 03/05/2010 19:10

I don't ride any more but we've just come back from 3 days at Badminton and were amazed how few stands there were selling barbour type coats. What have they been replaced with? I'm worried we may not be able to buy reproofing wax in due course.


OP posts:
Alicetheinvisible · 04/05/2010 09:47

The problem with barbours is that they are heavy, they smell, and if the water does get through they take ages to dry (whilst smelling of wet dog!) and they are expensive.

There are lots more coats available that are cheaper, machine washable, dry quickly and are easier to move about in.

For example, you have much more freedom in lightweight synethic waterproofs, especially when exercising horses.


MitchyInge · 04/05/2010 10:38

I have yet to find a truly waterproof newer Barbour, if out in really enthusiastic rain all day I get soaked and it takes about 3 days to properly dry out. Not much compares with the misery of starting the day in a cold, heavy and damp jacket on a dark winter morning. My ancient one was better but it's decomposed quite badly.

Hi Alice!

Alicetheinvisible · 04/05/2010 10:53

Hi, haven't forgotten about your rugs/stuff i promise!

MitchyInge · 04/05/2010 10:57

Ooh I had a dream about you giving me a summer sheet (haha, even when I'm asleep there is no escaping how dull I am!) a while ago.

Alicetheinvisible · 04/05/2010 11:09
Pixel · 04/05/2010 16:17

I've got a Harry Hall jacket that I love because it takes a lot to make it leak and then it's usually just on the elbows, but it is easy to wash and dry. It is a bit too warm for this time of year though (was lovely in the snow!). I gave up on stinky old waxed jackets years ago. They might be ok for the swanky types who don't have to do their own mucking out.

Conundrumish · 04/05/2010 17:42

Thanks all. I remember I used to wear my barbour to work in London (one way to get a seat on the tube - it stank) and discovered my collegues hunting high and low for a sandwich they thought had gone off. Turned out to be my barbour .

OP posts:
Conundrumish · 04/05/2010 17:43

So, what would you recommend that is full length then?

OP posts:
MitchyInge · 04/05/2010 18:05


Eve · 04/05/2010 18:07

I wear puffa and toggi.. not barbour.. its too heavy and awkward.

Pixel · 04/05/2010 18:21

Well I'm a fair-weather rider nowadays so the jacket does me fine for that. If I'm poo-picking in wet weather I have nylon waterproof over-trousers to wear with it. I can peel them off and get in the car all dry and clean which is a bonus if I want to pop in Tesco on the way back.

Conundrumish · 04/05/2010 21:03

Thank you. What are those tweedy looking coats that the hunter set wear now? are they waterproof?

OP posts:
MitchyInge · 05/05/2010 08:21

? I don't know which coats you mean, presumably not hacking jackets?

Butkin · 05/05/2010 14:13

For mucking out, hacking out etc we just wear cheaper modern warm waist length jackets.

For horrid weather at shows I've got a Musto full length in the sort of barbour material you are talking about. Was hopeless to start with as only poppers but I got local saddlers to put a zip in front now and is now excellent for riding or walking around.

For warmth in Winter (racing, pointing, showing etc) I wear a thigh length coat in a green tweedy material. Not sure of they name of this type but it is what most countryfolk wear in the Winter for best and are very warm and quite waterproof.

Don't know anybody that still wears classic barbours except townie foreigners.

MitchyInge · 05/05/2010 15:02

I LIVE in barbours of varying states of decomposition all winter because they repel animal hair, are very warm (apart from leaks during very severe downpours) but most importantly for my work (middle of nowhere 90% of time and with up to half a dozen dogs) they have incredibly strong capacious pockets. So various training aids, treats, muzzles, camera/iPhone, poo bags etc can be carried around without the physical hindrance of taking (or more likely losing) say a haversack. I've yet to find something that durable that has so many big strong pockets, although definitely prefer a driza-bone in heavy rain. Luckily nobody ever sees me at work to cast such townie aspersions

Conundrumish · 05/05/2010 18:03

'Don't know anybody that still wears classic barbours except townie foreigners' - and me . Currently townie but come from farming stock!

Mitchy - I think I am talking about the sort of coat that Butkin mentions below you - they sound like what I was trying to describe.

I love the pockets too Mitchy. Esp the long inside one on some style of barbour.

OP posts:
Pixel · 05/05/2010 18:08

For warm but showery weather I've got a really nice lightweight hi-viz jacket (the sort you have for cycling or running) with zip pockets for phone etc. I really like it because you can unzip the sleeves and just have a waistcoat and stay safe if it is hot (important to us as field gate opens onto dodgy bit of road). I'm telling you cos it was only £14 in Primark! Don't know if they still have them as I got mine in December but worth a look if you venture in there.

Conundrumish · 05/05/2010 18:43

Thanks Pixel

OP posts:
Fluffyone · 08/05/2010 16:29

I normally wear clothes for mucking out...
Seriously, cheap or charity shop jeans, old boots, fleeces from Primark, a waterproof coat from Aldi if it's wet. I don't like Barbours, they are heavy and they smell. I hardly ever buy "horsey" clothes for use around the horses because you pay premium prices and can get just as good elsewhere for less money. To ride I put a good pair of full length chaps on over my jeans and I'm good to go.
I'm a disgrace really aren't I?

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