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Southwestwhippet · 30/04/2010 14:43

So who is going?

I can't this year as DP is away and DD is only 3 months so would be a bit much.

Gutted Oli isn't able to compete, he is one of my favourites since I saw him at the South West Equine fair. He is such a charmer and very down to earth and funny.

I will be glued to the TV on Sunday watching the XC and pretending that I would ever be brave enough to try those fences

How about everyone else?

OP posts:
MPuppykin · 01/05/2010 12:18

I will also be glued to the X country!I wish so much i was going this year, but life got very busy and I frogot.

Southwestwhippet · 01/05/2010 15:10

I have half a mind to just get in the car and go tomorrow but I don't want to go by myself. have asked a few friends but it is such short notice...

Will be glued to the TV, does anyone know what time it's on?

OP posts:
skihorse · 01/05/2010 16:32

hiya whippet, this is blatently nicked from a thread I'm on where we're all horse mad:

TV times
Red button coverage: Sunday, 2 May 2010, 10.50am-5pm (cross-country); Monday, 3 May, 2.15pm-3.15pm (showjumping).
BBC2: Monday, 3 May, 12.45pm-2.15pm (cross-country highlights and preview of showjumping); 6pm-6.30pm showjumping highlights.

I've got no red button.

Southwestwhippet · 01/05/2010 18:16

Ooooo, I'm staying at my mum's for the weekend (DP away working) and SHE'S GOT SKY PLUS Woohoo!!!! time to go bags the TV for tomorrow.

OP posts:
skihorse · 02/05/2010 09:26

I'm abroad so we don't have any red button stuff here, can't access i-player.

As for the REAL BBC1 stuff on Monday - I'm working as it's not a BH here.

Instead we have 16 hours of snooker.

Ponymum · 02/05/2010 11:35

So who is watching? It certainly isn't riding straight forward, is it? Loads of drama already.

Southwestwhippet · 02/05/2010 21:23

couldn't get it on sky ... am recording the highlights tomorrow though.

what has happened? Anything exciting?

OP posts:
Ponymum · 02/05/2010 21:58

southwest Sorry you didn't get to see it. We are also on sky but I found it on the red button from BBC1 - it is a real faff to follow the interactive prompts and you can't record it, so I spent all day watching. (To be fair, I am heavily pg.)

Leaderboard completely different from yesterday. Hardly anyone was clear within the time. Lots of run outs / refusals / falls, but I thought the course was fair. I thought the most impressive round was Nicola Wilson on Opposition Buzz - he was jumping out of his skin, all four feet had springs on, and went clear with a fast time. Tina Cook fell at the lake and had quite a dunking.

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