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Does anyone know where I can get...

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jurisfictionoperative · 24/04/2010 13:08

Panniers. We would love to take our mini Shetland out with our big Shetland when we go out and maybe take a picnic. You can buy saddle bags, but we'd like proper panniers (donkey style) so we can do a real hike, take all our gear and turn her into a real pack pony. Any ideas?

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Pixel · 24/04/2010 20:23

Sounds like fun.

Nearest I can find so far is this

Pixel · 24/04/2010 20:33

You could ask these people where they get their equipment from, though I suspect it will all be too big for a shetland anyway. A saddler might make you some?

jurisfictionoperative · 24/04/2010 21:36

Thanks pixel. I found the saddle bags, I suppose I could hang one set over and another behind the saddle, the pack horse packs look wicked. I have emailed them to see if they can give me any info. I do like a project, and this does seem fun. Xx

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