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The tack room

How stupid?!

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LisaD1 · 16/04/2010 13:32

I have to share this with you other horsey people as it is the most mental thing I have heard ever!

My horse had a colic attack this morning - thankfully she is on the mend now.

But, the first person on the yard was someone looking after friends horse while she's away. When she arrived my horse was flat on back, legs out and groaning. What do you think she did? Call me? Call a vet? NO, she tiptoed past her stable as she "thought she was having a lie in" Dear god, wtf is wrong with people? Why would you let someone with obviously no horse knowledge look after your horse?

I'm so relieved my horse is on the mend otherwise I think I may have committed a murder!!

OP posts:
jurisfictionoperative · 17/04/2010 01:34

Dear god! I am not suprised though! So glad she is okay now. I don't ask anyone to look after my ponies as a rule, just not worth it. Even my dp isn't worthy. I have asked him more than once and he hasn't bothered!

skihorse · 17/04/2010 15:38

Blimey! Obviously I'm very happy to hear your horse is coming on well now, but wtf???

I'd happily let my dad keep an eye on my horse - he's no horse expert, but he knows which end to feed, how to pick out feet and of course having been around animals all his life he knows the difference between sick & healthy. But how feckin' dim do you have to be?

MitchyInge · 18/04/2010 09:18

That's scary, glad she was ok!

Alicetheinvisible · 19/04/2010 15:51

DH said lots of pony colic calls are to places where non-horsey people are looking after peoples horses for them and feed them something they shouldn't/do something they shouldn't.

It does make you wonder doesn't it?

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