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Coronet/horn injury - any experience?

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skihorse · 25/03/2010 13:22

I was at the yard for 10 minutes on Tuesday evening sitting in the sun and balmy temperatures and swapping gossip when I looked over at my daft nag and couldn't work out why her leg had been sprayed pink. And so wet... like it had been dipped in paint.

I took a closer look and realised it was a big arterial bleed (stomped on by a shod horse), we got her in and tried to stem the blood flow - I have never seen any animal blled like that! Although the bleeding decreased (a lot!) with pressure it was definitely a call the vet time.

Vet arrived and examined. It's a deep wound at the front of her near-fore at the soft coronet/horn band just above the hoof. He was able to stick his fingers right in and had to cut a bit of horn away which was flapping off - about 2" by 0.5". Obviously it can't be stitched where it is and has just been bandaged up.

He's said she's not dog-food but that the next 4-6 weeks will paint a better picture - i.e., how is the horn going to grow out? He's said I can ride in 2 weeks time - well I can't as I'm a big, fat preggo but...

I've done some research on this and it seems that a lateral injury to the hoof is far, far preferable to a vertical crack and if it's thin/soft/weak then it can be filled with resin until it's completely grown out.

Does anyone have an experience with this type of injury?

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Pixel · 25/03/2010 16:52

No experience of this I'm afraid, but how horrible and scary. Sounds like it was really lucky you happened to be there at the time to stop the bleeding.

skihorse · 25/03/2010 17:45

I'm just back from the yard and has the dressing off for the first time. The dressing was a little bit ponky but nothing scary, the wound itself was clean and no pus in evidence. There's a bit of heat around the area and a tiny bit of swelling but tbh "nothing". She's not lame, she had a trot in the sandschool and rolled on both sides with no bother getting up. I've re-bandaged and am very happy so far! Seems far better today than it was on Tuesday when I think I just panicked due to the sheer quantity of blood.

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skihorse · 25/03/2010 17:46

PS I should add she was in the sandschool running and rolling BEFORE I took the dressing off - not that I was letting sand in it!

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oldernowiser · 25/03/2010 21:28

Hope she carries on recovering so well

Owls · 26/03/2010 19:57

Ouch Ski, sounds horrible. Not had experience of this type of injury but fingers crossed for quick recovery.

When are you due btw?

skihorse · 27/03/2010 14:03

Thank you everyone. Just back from the yard and the vet popped in to check, he's very happy with her recovery but said I should keep her on box-rest for another week. I didn't mention that before he turned up she'd been in the sand school bucking, farting, rolling, galloping around and doing flying changes. If I put her on box-rest she'll do herself a worse injury. So I'm still going to put her out... let's face it, I'm pregnant - if her recovery takes a little longer it's not the end of the world!

owls I'm due end of July. So whilst I can still change tricky feet dressings lifting that fat-arsed lazy foot off the ground is tiring!

OP posts:
skihorse · 27/03/2010 14:04

Oh he also confirmed that a resin filler would probably be the best way to go but still it's wait & see.

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LisaD1 · 29/03/2010 19:41

I had this happen with a horse of mine a few years ago. Horse was a talented young eventer, bet arrived and said be lucky to hack him.

I called my farrier, whilst sobbing, and he came and had a look, we gaffa taped the area and continued to turn him out in a small area (vet had said 12 weeks box rest minimum - no way that was happening as horse was nuts at best of times)

Anyway, took a good 6-8 months to grow out and the last couple of shoeing's were difficult for the farrier but horse made a full recovery and was competing at pre-novice the following spring. He has gone on to be a very successful eventer, I have the same farrier and a new vet!!

Hope that helps put your mind at ease and hope your horse makes a full recovery.

skihorse · 30/03/2010 15:14

Lisa thank you for that! Brilliant to hear! I changed the dressing again and it's looking good (imo) but because the whole thing is covered in gaffer tape the back of her heel is looking "soggy" - you know, like if you'd covered your thumbnail in plaster I suppose. So... assuming it's good to go tomorrow, bandages will be off (vet said another 10 days...) and she will continue with turnout, albeit not out with the others.

She's actually barefoot so attaching nails to her won't be an issue and she's clearly got a good blood flow. My old trimmer is in fact a farrier/trimmer who is now at vet school and tbh he is the one I trust over the vet with respect to a long-term view on this hoof although the vet did agree that a resin filler would work if needed.

I'm really pleased to hear that your chap made such a great recovery! If she carries on running around the way she is there'll be no worries.

The biggest problem I've had is getting her antibiotics down here... she's been leaving a small pile at the bottom of her manger. So yesterday I squirted mollases on it - see how she resists temptation!

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