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Sarcoids - what to do?

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frostyfingers · 24/02/2010 16:50

My almost 16yo TB gelding has suffered with sarcoids on and off in his groin area since I have had him. He's had one removed surgically, a couple with rings, and two years ago a monster with some vile but effective cream. This last treatment took ages, was really uncomfortable for him, and meant he couldn't be ridden for the best part of 3 months.

My dilemma is that he now has some new sites, which my vet has looked at today and basically I have to make a decision as to treatment. The vet is no longer keen on ringing them as he feels it aggravates the sarcoids and his preferred choice is the cream again. This would mean more pain and discomfort for the horse and another period of not being ridden. The vet also commented that he looked a bit poor - he seems to have lost muscle tone in his neck and is stiff behind. He's wormed, sound and happy in himself (horse, not vet!) and I just don't know whether to go for the treatment, or to leave the sarcoids and see what happens.

We are never going to get rid of them, and if these go, there will be more. Our first step is to photograph them and the vet will send photos to Liverpool for assessment. Obviously what the specialist says will guide me, but I just don't know whether to treat or leave. The vet says he will be guided by me - which makes me feel he's a little doubtful as to the worth of treating as he's never been reluctant not to treat before.....

I don't want darling horse to be in pain, but selfishly I want to be able to keep and ride him for as long as possible.

What would you all do? I'm stuck!

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Alicetheinvisible · 25/02/2010 11:34

Nobody knows exactly what causes sarcoids, but it is thought that stress, change in routine etc can trigger them. My mare has a couple of very small ones that don't bother her.

If he is looking a bit poor perhaps that has something to do with them. Could you try a different way of life with him (leave him out for longer/more hacking less schooling/a companion that sort of thing - i don't know your set up) or perhaps try him on a different diet, more fibre, oil, access to grass. Perhaps try a tonic? A lot of problems can boil down to the horse needing a more natural way of living.

Like i say, it is just speculation, and i don't know how you do things already. Good luck

Fluffyone · 30/04/2010 14:02

If you are considering not treating them at all, have you considered an alternative treatment? I've twice managed to treat sarcoids with cream and spray from Crossgates Farm, you can Google them. The sarcoids dropped off in the end, it did take a while.

frostyfingers · 30/04/2010 16:24

I've gone ahead with treatment from Liverpool as the one on his inside hind leg has now started rubbing and bleeding if we do any fast work, which means I can't really do any proper riding. So, shortly the poor chap will be hobbling about with his legs crossed, but hopefully it's not too big so shouldn't take too long to treat.

He has perked up since the grass has come through and although looking motheaten due to moulting, he is quite shiny of coat and eye and feeling quite perky. I think he must have just found the winter too long and hard like the rest of us.

Fluffy - I'll look at the Crossgates Spray, maybe I'll get some for the future ones.

OP posts:
Fluffyone · 30/04/2010 18:49

You have a spray to give them on a bit of food or spray on to their gums, and an ointment to apply to the sarcoid. It was a little worrying because it took some months to work, but when it did there was suddenly no sarcoid!

jurisfictionoperative · 01/05/2010 00:20

Frosty, Its been a LOONG hard winter. There are lots of scraggy horses out there at the moment! I dont know much about sarcoids, although I overheard a convo recently about the new theory that they are viral, and the virus can be treated, but I dont know how or if its True! Try giving your horse a course of 'restore' from Global Herbs, it just gives them a real cleanout/detox and perks them up a bit. Also Codlivine is good for general condition and coat.

frostyfingers · 03/05/2010 16:52

Thanks Fluffy and Jurisfiction - I'll definitely have a go with that Crossgates treatment.

J - he's had Codlivine all winter, and we've moved onto cod liver oil by hand so to speak - he thinks it's yummy. It's gone really cold here again so rugs are back on - I wish it would warm up.

I clipped my extra fluffy pony on Saturday (he moults all summer, and gets very hot and itchy, so he's had a close shave to see if it helps) - and he's not impressed, so he's wearing a rug too. What a palaver it all is!

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