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NED name game

8 replies

Pixel · 19/02/2010 17:18

Has anyone tried this yet? You type in your horse's name and they tell you how many others there are with the same name. I've been putting in all the horses I could think of. For my old pony I got 'congratulations, you are unique!'

For the current mob I got:-

Dshetland 8298 (very common )
Dpony 30
Dhorse 7

How popular are your horses' names. I bet you will be surprised. I didn't expect to find so many with dpony's name as it is an odd spelling.

Oop sorry, nearly forgot the link!

OP posts:
pandora69 · 19/02/2010 19:45

Shitland - 443. he's called Poppet, and I bet a lot of Poppets aren't really poppets

Big horse - there are only 2 of him. Thank goodness!

hennipenni · 19/02/2010 23:18

Horses I had as a teen:
DPony 277
Dhorse unique!

Pixel · 19/02/2010 23:43

Ah, another one for the unique club. We should get a rosette or something!

OP posts:
seeker · 19/02/2010 23:46

2922 - bit she came to us whit her rediculously unoriginal name!

seeker · 19/02/2010 23:47

But her full name is unique - does that count!@

MitchyInge · 20/02/2010 09:54

1857 Barneys - although we call him Bishy Barney Bee (which is Norfolk for ladybird) and that appears to be unique

Joey's name on passport is Joe's Boy and he is one of only three others apparently - 536 Joeys though

mummydoc · 22/02/2010 19:31

242 for Noddy

Alicetheinvisible · 23/02/2010 11:25

11 for Rosie O'Grady (stable name Alice) which is surprising considering it is an irish pub chain

Crail is unique (in his own special way )

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