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What did you do with your horse while you were Pregnant?

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iggypiggy · 21/01/2010 17:12

Just out of interest?

Did you sell? Loan? Get help? ride up until the day you gave birth and back on again 2 weeks later

I am currently deciding what to do with my beastie. Who I bought as a totally green 5 yr old and is currently rising 8 and a gorgeous boy - I think I would probably be able to sell him for more than I paid for him (not actually for a profit I guess - cos of his cost over the years!) But I really don't want to - so am toying with the loan idea... but then would it need to be for a full year? I also likwe the idea of riding him again by the end of this year (impossible?!)

Anyway - just wondered what others had done..


OP posts:
MrFibble · 21/01/2010 19:16

I had a good couple of sharers the one time and the other I let one go feral and the other managed to injure herself and had to be turned away for a year so that was that sorted! I couldn't sell mine because they both have some health problems and they were already a bit long in the tooth by then.

Congrats on the pregnancy!

oldernowiser · 21/01/2010 20:40

Just don't do what I did nearly 30 years ago and give up! I wish I never had as I've just returned to it and have really lost my nerve and am very rusty.

How about working livery for a couple of years, if he's suitable (and if you'd be happy with it) to cut down time and cost and keep him fit, then you could just ride as much as you wanted?

Alicetheinvisible · 21/01/2010 20:44

With DD i rode until i couldn't, then chucked them in the field. This time (due in aug) i will ride when i can and my DH and a friend will help out (hopefully)

iggypiggy · 22/01/2010 09:35

Thanks for your answers

older Am def not planning to give up! It's my obsession... has been bad enough not riding the last couple of months..

MrF that sounds like a well timed injury - if there can be such a thing! I am hoping someone can keep my boy going, because he's just fab now and should be looking forward to a summer of competeing...

alice ah.. that won't work for me... I've already stopped riding!

OP posts:
elastamum · 22/01/2010 15:53

with DS1 I rode up to 6 months then turned her out. With DS2 my back went at 12 weeks, so turned her out again!! Back riding 4 months after

Southwestwhippet · 23/01/2010 18:37

I rode until 28 weeks, gave up because firstly it was giving me really bad hip pains afterwards and secondly because I was getting really frustrated that I couldn't 'hold' my pony up together nicely with my stomach muscles all in the wrong place and I felt I wasn't doing him justice anymore.

I tried to find a sharer or a loan but couldn't as pony is sensible but a bit sharp and I couldnt' find any decent young riders - all the sharers I could find wanted a first pony plod . So pony is currently turned away in a field doing nothing. I'm 40+5 now so hopefully the point at which I can start riding him again is in sight - I've missed it so much.

iggypiggy · 25/01/2010 10:09

southwestwhippet your username is familiar... you don't frequent a horse forum too do you?

I alreaady miss riding so much

OP posts:
Southwestwhippet · 25/01/2010 10:43

I used to frequent H&H online a lot but I don't post much anymore because I found that it started to get really really cliquey and bitchy (especially in SB). JMO!

Have recently started posting a little bit again lately as very bored on matleave though. Is that the one?

iggypiggy · 25/01/2010 11:24

I thought so I used to go on there too - but haven't for ages...

OP posts:
Stripycat23 · 29/03/2010 14:38

My first pregnancy my friend helped me in return for rides.

I'd moved stables when pregnant the second time and had to put my horse on loan. I had reservations as he went from a 5* stables to a field. (He wasn't impressed). But it worked out really well cos the lady has another horse and a pony and loves him to bits.

When the loan period ended we had a chat and now we share my horse. I pay vet bills/insurance and she feeds him and looks after him. We ride out together sometimes when we both have time.

I do miss my horse as I see him every few weeks now not every day but I know he's well loved and well looked after. Think I got lucky!

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