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How much hay are you getting through??

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muppetisacat · 05/01/2010 19:50

Proper numpty question from first time horse owner but we're properly piling through the hay at the moment... just wondered how much everyone else was feeding at the moment. Our pony lives out now as the access to her stable has become too treacherous. She's a 13'2 new forest and getting through 4 20kg bales a week - do you think that's too much???

Hay is in short supply here in surrey - having to move onto haylage which we've never used before.

OP posts:
horseymum · 05/01/2010 20:07

not sure as my work uses big round bales of haylage - i think about 4 of them a week between 20 horses ? not much help sorry!! They need loads of hay to keep warm at the moment as digesting heats them up from inside. If you can afford it, she proably needs it available pretty much all the time, so don't worry, although your pony is designed to live on frugal amounts in the winter.

MitchyInge · 05/01/2010 21:06

we have HUGE deliveries of hay several times a day (but there are 50+ horses and ponies there)

haylage comes less frequently but in bales the size of my house, goes a lot further doesn't it, or is it just because haylage nets have smaller holes?

is hard to measure accurately how much each of mine get, the hay racks are constantly topped up in the field and they have haynets and a pile of hay in the stable which is replenished last thing at night

how much hard feed is your pony getting?

Pixel · 05/01/2010 22:35

About a bale a day for 2.5 horses, probably a bit more actually atm as we keep bunging extra sections in just to make sure they have enough! They are big bales too, we struggle to move them.

LisaD1 · 06/01/2010 19:26

Where in Surrey are you?

There's a fantastic farm in Lyne (near Chertsey/Chobham) and they have NEVER let me down for a hay delivery.

I'm getting though anything between 1-2 bales a day for a 16.2 IDx and a 13.2 Welsh pony. They are also having their normal feeds plus a ball of nuts (more for the boredom than anything!).

elastamum · 06/01/2010 19:29

I feed about 1/2 bale a day to my 16.2h warmblood but she also gets 4 scoops hard feed twice a day so she doesnt eat as quite much hay. she is out all day and in at night

muppetisacat · 07/01/2010 20:52

LisaD1 we are near Farnham so think Chobham would be too far. Managed to get the farmer next door to deliver some small bales - he's run out of big ones so I'm really paying through the nose for this hay at the moment.

They are fed hard feed morning and night. Might have to move onto haylage then - one of the ponies has had laminitis in the past so concerned about haylage....

OP posts:
LisaD1 · 07/01/2010 22:24


I think the would deliver to you if you took a bulk order? We usually take between 50-75 bales between 2 of us.

If you want to email me I will email you back their number, they're fab guys (family run, 2 brothers and dad, mum answers the phone!)

Anyway, may be worth a go..

[email protected]

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