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Helloooo! I'm New-ish!

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EmmaKateLouise · 10/12/2009 12:13

Hello. I'm kind of new anyway. I've been on Mumsnet loads before, when pregnant etc, but didn't realise they had a horsie bit, until someone just mentioned it on another forum I go on!
So I thought I'd introduce myself.... I'm Emma, I'm 29. I have a nearly 5 yo daughter who's at school now, a 18 month old daughter, a 29 yo chestnut mare that my oldest daughter rides (I just get to clear up after), called Sandy and a 14yo heavyweight black mare, who I ride when I get the chance, called Molly.
Feel free to introduce yourselves to me and prepare for a barrage of questions!!

OP posts:
catinthehat2 · 10/12/2009 12:17

You have to pass a test to post in this section I understand:

Place your children and horses in order of how much you love them

Mainly horses first - You are OK please post at any time.

Mainly children first - Fail. Please reconsider your priorities and meanwhile post in recipes or style & beauty.

EmmaKateLouise · 10/12/2009 12:31

I worryingly think I fall into the first category, of horses first ! Although it's not worrying at all when it is a choice between horses and style/cooking/knitting and other fluffy b*llocks!!
Sometimes I wonder which is the messiest/hardest work, my grubby girls or the hippo horses! Then my eldest dughter usually falls face first into the biggest pile of mud on the yard she can find and the answer is revealed! They are all mud-monster-hippos-with-a-penchant-for-making-my-life-as-hard-as-possible!!! and breathe

OP posts:
Earthdog · 10/12/2009 19:30

Hi, I am new here too! I am impressed that you have a 29 year old pony which is still in work, you must have looked after her well. How long have you had her? To introduce myself, I am 39 with 4 horses but no children (hmm not sure whether the horses are child substitutes??) The horses are -Ellie 15.3hh bay Irish mare, Beowulf 16.2hh 9 years IDxTB gelding, Dot IDxappy yearling and Lucy 20years IDxcon/TB. OK they are my babies

MitchyInge · 10/12/2009 22:42


I don't know WHAT catinthehat is talking about!

catinthehat2 · 11/12/2009 09:20

I'm just trying out rules for my Mumsnet special interest group, The Litter Tray.

MitchyInge · 11/12/2009 11:34

I think there should at least be a rule about uploading photographs and/or video of all horses mentioned here.

oldernowiser · 11/12/2009 13:18

Great idea of loading up pictures. I'm embarrassed to say I don't know how to do it. Could someone give me a step by step?

MitchyInge · 11/12/2009 13:38

it's fairly step by step if you have some photos on your computer already - you can set up a profile page via My Mumsnet (link at the top of the screen) and follow instructions there, or you can upload the photos to another site and link to them from here

oldernowiser · 11/12/2009 14:35

Thanks Mitchy,
I'll give it a go when I get home from work so you can all see my beautiful boy. (naughty skiving in tack room when supposed to be hard at it!)

Southwestwhippet · 12/12/2009 17:50


I'm 29 too and currently pregnant with my first. I have a 10 year old hafflinger pony who is currently languishing in the field getting fat (when he should be fit and hunting) due to this tedious pregnancy business! I teach riding for the disabled and able bodied (completed my AI a year ago - still very proud ) but just started maternity leave today and feeling I've lost my identity a bit so thought I'd mooch in here and get some reassurance that mums DO still ride

A 29year old pony still in work is good going - what is you secret? I hoping mine will keep going that long, I adore him but not sure I could be kind enough to hand him over to my child... he's mine

MitchyInge · 14/12/2009 09:30

great pics oldernowiser! LOVE his face!

EmmaKateLouise · 14/12/2009 11:24

Thanks for all the posts. Great to see some like minded people in this baby world!

I've only had my 29yo for 2 years. I got her for my eldest daughter (now 4 & half) to learn to ride on. She came over from Germany where she was a top dressage pony. So no real secrets to keeping her going. She gets a small feed in winter, as she's stabled at night (although only just started giving her a joint supp as she got a little stiff) and out 24/7 April to November. She's an absolute toad sometimes tho, and although the smallest, she is definately the boss. She scowls at me and snaps her teeth at me, but daughter can do whatever with her and she doesn't bat an eyelid. Cowbag!
Will try and post some links to pics..
This is Sandy in the summer with daughter...

Sandy on the beach...

And my Molly...

Not sure if the pictures will work, so will try and put them on my profile too.

MitchyInge - That blue & white cob on your profile is gorgeous! Do tell more!!

OP posts:
MitchyInge · 14/12/2009 12:56

oooh they both look so shiny! I have a feather fetish so Molly's feet made me squeal a bit

that blue and white beast is our new baby, he's 6 but so green - he'd had 3 owners in barely 6 weeks when I bought him recently, yet it was nothing consistent handling and a bit of schooling couldn't help. It's just a party trick of his to buck off a new owner! Must not go on and on and on about him but I love him, he's probably never going to win prizes for enthusiasm about his work and he pulls insanely grumpy faces if you try anything that means he has to concentrate but I'm still very happy with him!

oldernowiser · 14/12/2009 13:02

Thanks Mitchy, you are obviously a woman of great taste! Don't you just love the way we had the child's stirrups so perfectly level!

catinthehat2 · 14/12/2009 13:12
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