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what's on your Christmas list?

19 replies

MitchyInge · 04/12/2009 09:00

path through the somme muddy fields
huge improvement in my riding ability
new lightbulb outside stable
year's supply of blue chip

OP posts:
steamedxmaspudding · 04/12/2009 09:17

A pony! Just like I have had on my christmas list for about the last twenty years
Some decent leg muscles...
On a more realistic level some new jodhs would be nice, mine are ancient and scratchy and designed for someone about a foot taller than me.

Owls · 04/12/2009 10:22

Trailer or preferably box. One of those luxurious ones you see on display at shows with full living area, etc.

Yes to no more muddy fields.


Yes also to lifetime supply of Blue Chip.


I have NO chance of any of these.

MitchyInge · 04/12/2009 16:25

this one is bigger than my HOUSE

OP posts:
MitchyInge · 04/12/2009 16:30

and worth more

OP posts:
Owls · 04/12/2009 18:27

I could live in this

Quite happily.

bumpsoon · 04/12/2009 19:30

Steamed ,what size waist are you ? ive got some nice navy cord ones i picked up in a charity shop for Dd ,but they are way too big for her ,you can have them for postage

bumpsoon · 04/12/2009 19:31

wellies are top of my christmas wish list ,before i develop trench foot ,having to put my feet in sandwich bags in the wellies

Pixel · 04/12/2009 20:19

Ah yes a trailer would be nice, then I could have proper lessons in a proper school .

A bucketful of courage would be useful too please.

MitchyInge · 05/12/2009 12:09

if this is a cosmic ordering thread then, cosmos, any sort of trailer (with solid floor please) that is big enough will do

do not even mind if it doesn't have front unload although if you can stretch to this that would be fab and I promise to leave a note next time I park the landrover in bump someone else's vehicle

OP posts:
Butkin · 05/12/2009 19:41

Lorry with day living - we can trade in the trailer if this helps!

A new show hunter who is no bigger than 16 hands and likes going cross country as well -without pulling.

More realistically a new helmet cover...

Pixel · 05/12/2009 23:30

Butkin, how about this as a compromise? Isn't it fab? I'll have it myself if you can lend me £4000 (I think I live nearer for the pickup )

Pixel · 05/12/2009 23:31

Oh you have to look at the pics of the inside otherwise you won't know what on Earth I'm on about.

MitchyInge · 06/12/2009 10:34

oh why are they so EXPENSIVE?

horses are just a swirling vortex into which every £ vanishes aren't they?

OP posts:
MrFibble · 06/12/2009 18:02

10 acres of flat, well drained (but not too hard in summer) pasture fenced into 3 fields with a field shelter and water source in all 3 fields.

Don't think it will fit into my stocking though will it?

DressageNut · 07/12/2009 12:54

An indoor school. Must be 20x60 with a state-of-the-art surface (geltrack; wax, turfloat perhaps) and large mirrors across one short side, plus down most of one long side.

In the real world, however, I'm getting a new fleece and a posh belt to keep me britches up.

skihorse · 07/12/2009 16:23

Genuine talent.

Pixel · 07/12/2009 18:20

At this rate all I'll want by Christmas is for it to stop bl**dy raining!

MrFibble · 08/12/2009 08:37

A roomba that does poo-picking!

mummydoc · 09/12/2009 10:06

ok for " noddy " to be ok and not put dd2 off riding for life ( though doubt it she loves him too much and likes the fact he is very forward going) , for princess perdy to become reliably sound and stop leaning in on the poor person leading her whenever my dd2 wants to trot, and for my boobs which have recently been operated on to stop hurting so i can actually get out and do stuff with these 2 money sucking monsters. at moment it feels very hard work and no fun

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