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Anyone out there ride and lead?

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MrFibble · 24/11/2009 09:11

I am thinking about hacking out with both of my horses today just so that they can get out and have some exercise as the weather here is thoroughly vile and I can't turn out today. I was considering riding one and leading the other but I've never ridden and lead before - any top tips? Is this a no no?

OP posts:
frostyfingers · 24/11/2009 09:45

I ride and lead the pony. He hates being led, and dawdles behind but I use a long lead rope with a knot in the end so that if he stops dead I don't lose him. I also use a bridle with a chain - I think it's called a newmarket chain - attached to the bit, like they use leading up racehorses. Some horses don't like leading, so you might need to be careful when you start, you can get in an awful muddle!

I have ridden one, and led two which was very tricky, but saved lots of separate ride. Not to be recommended if you have to go on a road though!

hennipenni · 24/11/2009 10:16

I used to do this all the time when I was a groom (those were the days)

We used to lead the better behaved horse and rode the more spirited one, using the normal bridle on the lead horse which we used to ride them in. Keep the lead horses head level with your knee with enough contact on the bit to keep them there and make sure that you have a knot in the end of the lead reign.

I used to have great fun doing this, but the horses and I were used to it. I only really had a problem one time when a horse that had been on box rest, walked out on the road for the first time decided that his leg (pulled tendon)was much better thankyou and jumped over a hedge into the nearby field. Regardless to say we didn't lead him out again (I used to work in a hunting yard and boy were those animals fit!)

MrFibble · 24/11/2009 11:01

Hmm. I think I will give it a go. Not sure which horse to ride though.

My TB is the more spirited but the Belgian is sometimes a nut when we meet other horses but only when riding out with another horse IYSWIM. Alone she is fine.

Anyway, I decided not to give it a go today because:
a) it is blowing a hoolie out there,
b) it's dustbin day and last week I was followed along country lanes by the bin men in their big van
c) they are putting up the Christmas decorations and there are lots of little men in orange jackets out and about in the village with vans with cranes on the back and lots of scary cables.

Maybe tomorrow if the weather calms down a bit.

Thanks for the tips. I will definitely give it a go.

OP posts:
Butkin · 24/11/2009 13:49

I lead DD's pony off sometimes if she doesn't want to ride but I often lead her off when she is riding as well.

I agree with all the above posters and would just add that I lead with the pony on my right, except when riding on the road when I have him on my left.

Sometimes a horse or pony who is institualised into always being led on the right may be awkward with this, so worth practising if you want to go on a busy road.

MitchyInge · 25/11/2009 11:57

Am going to have a go at this later, time permitting - poss not on the road much at first though. For the led pony, is it as relaxing and enjoyable as being ridden on a hack?

What do you do if one tanks off though?

ohnelly · 26/11/2009 19:23

I used to do this a bit with mine. Put a bridle on with the reins through the bit ring so that you got both reins on one side of the horse & not near in their mouth (the one being lead obviously) I would ride the lazier one as its easier to hold a forward going one than drag along a lazy one that you cant kick!! Carry a whip and try to keep lead horses head at your knee, and keep lead horse on outside of ridden horse.

SparklyAlice · 26/11/2009 19:26

Also, would try it in field/school first. My mare who never kicks went for the pony i was leading so i had to let go. Usually if they live out together they are fine though.

MitchyInge · 26/11/2009 21:46

Joey danced home sideways all the way today, not quite sure how I would have held him if I'd been leading him while riding another - or do you just get the hang of it as you go along?

SparklyAlice · 26/11/2009 22:02

It generally helps if the horses are in a lot of work Only used to do it with hunters and eventers

MitchyInge · 27/11/2009 09:25

it would probably help if I got the hang of riding one at a time first too

SparklyAlice · 27/11/2009 11:16

you want to see my attempts!!

Are you on FB?

MrFibble · 27/11/2009 12:01

The weather is thwarting my attempts to do this. 5 degrees and horizontal rain this morning and it was recycling day. I think I will try on Sunday morning...

OP posts:
gizmo · 27/11/2009 12:11

I used to love doing this when I was a groom. Not quite sure why, since both the horses I used to ride were a) a bit, ummm, light on their feet b) fit as a butchers dog (hunters) and c) terrified of tractors - in rural North Yorkshire. But it made me feel dead professional and responsible.

The result was an occasional moment but nothing one can't handle - it's surprisingly difficult for the led horse to pull you off. Used similar technique to Hennipenni, with the proviso that if you have a particularly dominant beasty, it's generally better that they are in the lead.


MitchyInge · 27/11/2009 13:29

I am on FB - annoyingly cannot get into my email (it is not good enough that both my phones are broken, is the universe trying to isolate me socially?) otherwise could CAT the details? Or be brave and post own actual name on here?

SparklyAlice · 27/11/2009 13:42

I am C h r i s t i e E a t o n - E v a n s if you want to add me

MitchyInge · 27/11/2009 13:45

I have added you - please don't tell anyone that I really do have the physique of Clarissa Dickson-Wright!

SparklyAlice · 27/11/2009 13:48

think you meant Kate Moss didn't you?

MitchyInge · 27/11/2009 13:50

hahaha yes, silly slip of the tongue there

now we can ride out together and you can lead me on my naughty pony!

SparklyAlice · 27/11/2009 13:53

mine aren't angels either

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