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Horse riding and early pregnancy

19 replies

iggypiggy · 16/11/2009 15:30

Ok - I know this will have been asked before - but I am reading things like this online:


and frightening myself - I have had one miscarriage and really don't want a second

Should I stop riding now?

OP posts:
Nekabu · 17/11/2009 09:05

I apologise if I've mixed you up with someone else but are you the lady who had a miscarriage earlier this year and had been riding whilst pg? I rode up until 6 months and of my horse riding friends, over 50% continued riding whilst pg. Unfortunately miscarriages do happen and it was almost certainly nothing to do with riding. If I remember correctly you don't have your own horse so can elect to ride something very quiet (that you know and have ridden before) at the riding stables? Apologies if I've confused you with someone else and congratulations on your pregnancy!

iggypiggy · 17/11/2009 09:24

Not sure if am same person! I do have my own horse tho - which is why I worry - and I compete regularly. He is a very fit 7 yr old - although generally safe - certainly not 100% and he is pretty lively at the mo.

I did have a MC earlier this year - and I was riding before it happened.

I do know that the riding prob didn't affect that - but once you have had one MC, you tend to want to make sure you do nothing to increase the risk - no matter how minor.

I know loads of people that ride for a long time into their pregnacies, but somehow this doesn't re-assure me!

OP posts:
cazboldy · 17/11/2009 09:31

personally, i wouldn't........

each to their own and all that, but I could never get over the "what if" thing.

It doesn't even have to be your horses fault if you fall.

IME most of he falls I have had have been silly, and nothing serious thankfully, but then again I wasn't pg......

Saying that, I guess I could have been pulled over while leading mine in, or been kicked by my youngster in the field.

You have to go with your gut feeling

Poledra · 17/11/2009 09:34

I stopped riding with DD1 when about 10 weeks pg, as I was admitted to hospital, and didn't want to risk anything I could avoid. However, the downside is that, 6 years later, I have never found the time to start again .

I agree with cazboldy - the 'what ifs' were too much for me, but I was not a particularly good or experienced rider so a bit different to you.

iggypiggy · 17/11/2009 09:37

I think I want to stop - I don't think I can cope with blaming myself for riding if i have another MC

OP posts:
Poledra · 17/11/2009 09:41

TBH, you did sound to me in your OP like you want to stop, to give yourself the reassurance that you are doing everything to make sure this pg continues. I have friends who avoided all sorts of things just because it made them more comfortable. Do what feels right for you.

Congratulations on your pg, and I hope it all goes well for you.

Poledra · 17/11/2009 09:41

PS do you need someone to exercise your horse for you?

iggypiggy · 17/11/2009 09:47

Thanks poledra

I think I probably will stop - even if just until scan - but prob will after that too..

You wanna ride my coloured beastie for me then?

OP posts:
Poledra · 17/11/2009 09:50

No, no, no! 'Twas a joke! A lively 7-yo sounds a bit much for me. I'm more of a 12-yo, bit-of-a-porker-coz-he's-so-lazy, likes-a-gentle-amble-round sort of a girl. I used to ride a 14-yo Shire before DD1 - that's about my style

iggypiggy · 17/11/2009 09:54

I know you were joking

safe is good too - I generally prefer safe anyway. Mine is just very fit and very lively at the mo.

OP posts:
Nekabu · 18/11/2009 18:30

I think I am confusing you with someone else, Iggypiggy; sorry! I see you've answered yourself though and are going to stop riding. What are you going to do with your horse? Can you turn him away until well after you've had your baby or do you have someone to keep him going for you?

FWIW I think you've made the right decision for you as I can't imagine you'd enjoy riding if you were constantly worried it might cause problems; no fun at all.

iggypiggy · 19/11/2009 14:31

I don't know - at the moment i am going to say i can't ride for a while - will sadly have to tell small lie eg. hurt back and he will be ridden by someone else.

I can't make a decison about what to do with him until i know that i am actually likely to have a baby and not another miscarriage. If I have another MC I will need him to help me think about other things!

I may try a 1 yr loan perhaps... or see if I can persuade my sister she wants to ride him!

OP posts:
BexBex2929 · 05/12/2012 08:50

I've just had to stop at 32 weeks :( miss it already

octanegirl · 05/12/2012 18:03

My midwife told me that if baby is going to miscarry, it will, and if its going to stay put it will regardless of what you do (within reason)! So she told me to crack on with the riding.

Stinkyminkymoo · 05/12/2012 21:21

Nekabu that might have been me.

I had a mc (@ about 6/7 weeks) last year and was worried it was because I was riding. The dr said that if it was going to happen, it will.

I feel pregnant again a few months later & stopped riding at 7 1/2 months because I was too fat to do my girth up

I will say don't if you don't want to, but if you do, do! You know your body & your horse.

pumpkin2012 · 05/12/2012 21:42

I rode till I was five months pregnant. I only stopped because I got a blood clot in my leg & walking was agony never mind riding! Turned my horse away for 9 months & it was best thing I ever did for him - came back in a totally different (in gd way) horse! :b

Sparklesandglitter · 08/12/2012 14:05

I rode till 40weeks, although my pony is quiet and safe

Sparklesandglitter · 08/12/2012 14:07

By the way my MW and consultant both supported my riding as long as I was sensible

Weissdorn · 09/12/2012 12:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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