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what can you actually do in this weather?

23 replies

MitchyInge · 01/11/2009 12:25

it's so wet and windy, ugh

OP posts:
Uriel · 01/11/2009 12:27

My kids are trying out a new stable in an hour! Hope it stops raining before then.

MitchyInge · 01/11/2009 12:28

good luck!

OP posts:
Uriel · 01/11/2009 12:46

Thanks. I think we'll need it!

Still, it's worth going to see if we can find a stable where the instructor doesn't sound demented and my youngest feels tearful during the lesson.

seeker · 01/11/2009 12:53

My dd is going to spend the afternoon in the hay barn eating biscuits and coffee-housing with her friends!

MitchyInge · 01/11/2009 14:12

gosh, can't find anything worse by the sounds of it uriel! am heading over to seeker's barn next time it's blustery

it's cleared up a bit here, have left 10yo with sunday club - my poor lad has a chunk out of his side, he was not impressed with the salt water I poured over it but submitted to wound powder

thought horses were supposed to be herbivorous?

OP posts:
seeker · 01/11/2009 15:25

The rain's stopped here so dd's gone out for a hack. Don't envy her cleaning up the pony afterwards - better put the hot water on for her bath!

twolittlekings · 01/11/2009 15:31

Saty in and go on mumsnet - I am not dressed yet!!

TurkeyLurkey · 01/11/2009 15:38

I've just been to see mine, blowing a gale here. thought I'd take him a walk on his lead rope to see how the snot and cough is. I ended up chickening out as he was prancing about on the end of the lead rope due to wind. I got down the drive and turned back, what a coward.

Good news was he didn't cough amongst all the snorting and dancing about.

MitchyInge · 01/11/2009 16:33

it got nice enough to ride here too, unfortunately pony got v excited cantering over poles, kept bucking and daughter came a cropper

hope she isn't put off for too long, her back was hurting too much to get back on according to her instructor

OP posts:
TurkeyLurkey · 01/11/2009 16:50

Oh no hope she is ok and just her pride rather than anything too physical dented.

All my friends have gone hunting in this. They must be barking...and soaked.

MitchyInge · 01/11/2009 17:12

want to go hunting so badly!

am more worried that it has frightened her, maybe she shouldn't ride him until he's had a bit more schooling - there's no hurry is there

OP posts:
Pixel · 01/11/2009 22:09

Your poor dd! It seems a shame for her not to ride him but as you say there is no hurry. Perhaps if she avoids the exciting cantering over poles stuff for a while until he is more settled? My sister's pony has an incredible buck and she does find that a daisy rein helps (obv you couldn't jump in it). He is still unpredictable but at least he can't get his head right down between his knees so much easier to stay on.

You said Joey was sold because he was naughty so I suppose he has learned that this is how he gets his own way. You're going to have to stay on next time Mitchy, teach him a lesson.

MitchyInge · 01/11/2009 22:34

heh @ rodeo tickets

we could probably make a few £££ out of selling CCTV footage of everyone falling off to You've Been Framed at the moment, it's the season isn't it - even Barney bucked yesterday, yee-haw!

I'll have to put some time in when she is at school, I just wish she'd been able to get straight back on though - maybe as you say, if she just does less exciting things

have you put that CD to the test yet?

OP posts:
Pixel · 01/11/2009 23:25

You're joking, half-term doncha know. I've taken ds riding because I can leave him in the car for a few minutes while I run along the field and grab the shetland (luckily she is nearby in her little laminitis paddock), but I couldn't leave him unsupervised while I rode. Plus I've been working, and running dd here, there and everywhere. I haven't even managed to listen to the CD this week because you need an hour without interruptions!

Anyway, I've got a lesson tomorrow (weather permitting) and I'll try and listen to the CD every day this week and we will see what happens.

MitchyInge · 02/11/2009 08:18

Owls has been v quiet too, wonder if she has tried it out yet?

Hope your lesson goes well, look at this lovely bright sunny day and I am working for all of it - might try and squeeze in a little session somehow. Bit yikes though, poor girl very stiff and sore this morning.

OP posts:
MitchyInge · 02/11/2009 08:18

Owls has been v quiet too, wonder if she has tried it out yet?

Hope your lesson goes well, look at this lovely bright sunny day and I am working for all of it - might try and squeeze in a little session somehow. Bit yikes though, poor girl very stiff and sore this morning.

OP posts:
Owls · 02/11/2009 08:57

Ah Mitchy, poor DD. Does she seem like it's put her off at all? Probably best not to do much canter work until you've had a chance to school him a bit more. He's obviously got his "how to ditch my rider" plan down to a fine art.

Not had a chance to try the cd again yet. Hopefully this week.

MitchyInge · 02/11/2009 09:15

she wants to ride tonight but on Barney instead, who is technically a lot of horse for her but obviously better manners - and tomorrow she has a lesson on the pony she used to have on part loan, maybe if her next private lesson is on Joey? he just finds it all so exciting, when there are lots of other ponies around

how is this for neurotic thought of the day - Joey is turned out with the pony I cannot stay on, the one I fell off THREE times in twenty minutes, I woke up thinking that he has been teaching Joey his tricks and wondering if he could go in a different field

OP posts:
Owls · 02/11/2009 18:16

Mitch, I did just lol at the thought of the sly, coniving ponies discussing tactics in the field. I know we humanise our animals but think that might be a step too far.

How did the lesson go? Was DD happier on Barney tonight?

Owls · 02/11/2009 18:19

Oh and definitely agree private lessons are the way to go with Joey for now. The last thing you want is for DD's confidence to get knocked. Even if he wasn't playing up the way he is, she still needs to get used to the way he moves, etc. Are you riding him as well?

MitchyInge · 02/11/2009 19:21

we rescheduled for tomorrow, she is already getting twitchy about having a day off so definitely no qualms about riding again - phew (it was a bit of a nasty fall, think she hit a canter pole when she landed, ouch)

I was quite worried it had put her off but even so think it will be good for her to have her lessons on confidence builders for time being, he probably is slightly too much pony for her at the moment

have had v productive chat with yard and he is going to get lots of schooling privately and no novices on him (except me of course ), and no noisy group lessons, it was a bit chaotic on Sunday apparently - and looking back I was sort of asking for it on Fri, bombing around with all the other youngsters but until then his bucks had been pathetic. I swear to GOD he has taken lessons from the other one, it's the exact shoot forward, swerve to the side, big buck and flick to the other side technique!

OP posts:
TurkeyLurkey · 02/11/2009 20:32

Glad she is ok and keen to get back on Mitchy. Must be awful when your kids fall off. Mine have only been on the lead rein at a walk and trot - I dread the time they go solo and have their first fall.

How is she managing to ride in winter - do you have access to a floodlit school

MitchyInge · 02/11/2009 20:36

'floodlit' might be stretching the truth a tad, but there are lights - no lid or sides unfortunately

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