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Just had my first proper lesson. Why didn't I start riding years ago ?

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CMOTdibbler · 26/10/2009 14:16

DS still having a wonderful time riding btw. He got double bubble this weekend as had lesson on Sat, and a playdate with nursery friend who has ponies on Sun (v small and woolly shetlands - they looked so funny side by side)

I skived off work this morning (I work from home, and was away all last week so can have the time back), and had a one to one lesson.
Obv quite different to the group lessons/hacks I've done before. At least my good points outweighed my bad ones

And I thought, why didn't I start riding years ago ? Can't quite work it out tbh, as I'm enjoying it so much.

OP posts:
skihorse · 26/10/2009 15:06

Welcome. I stopped riding at 15 and was 28 before I started riding again properly - I don't understand how I managed to stay away so many years - but so glad I found my way back!

How long is it going to be before you find yourself drooling over the pages in H&H and thinking "I'll just go and have a lool"... ?

MitchyInge · 26/10/2009 15:50

life gets in the way sometimes doesn't it, or you forget that it is actually doable - I used to ride a lot as a child but by early teens I'd all but forgotten about horses

then a couple of years ago someone bought me some riding lessons for my birthday and within a couple of weeks I had a horse on loan and woosh, I was sucked straight back in

and now we have two!

anyway, am going to sit with ski in the 'how long before CMOT gets a pony' corner

CMOTdibbler · 26/10/2009 16:19

Thing is, I never had lessons as a child either, so not like I'm going back to it.

Getting a pony is a v long way off - time is an issue here, esp as it would be a drive anywhere to keep one. But I may just have been looking at the local college 'basic horse care' course dates. Y'know - just to know whats what.

OP posts:
skihorse · 26/10/2009 17:56

Mitchy I know what you mean, it was that fast for me too. I had to stop when I was 15 because I hurt my back, 6 months turned in to a year... blah blah. At 28 a friend offered me a free ticket to a showjumping tournament - I ended up in the stalls buying gear, booked a lesson the following week... booked a trail ride in the Canadian rockies, came home, bought a horse, bought a house with a paddock...

MitchyInge · 26/10/2009 18:50

I want the house with the paddock(s) next. Need to walk a LOT of dogs for that though!

MitchyInge · 27/10/2009 07:12

PS CMOT - good luck at college too!

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