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Loan pony agreements

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flowerpotwoman · 03/08/2009 13:31

I'm about to take the plunge and get my DD (aged 11) her first full loan pony.

We've found a lovely Welsh gelding and I'll be paying for grass livery, shoeing, worming and vaccinations. The pony's owner has agreed to pay for any 'major' vets' bills.

We're about to draw up a contract and I wondered if anyone has any advice about what fairly constitutes 'major'. I'm happy to deal with minor field injuries/mud fever/cuts etc, but have explained to the owner that I don't want to fund any 'investigative' veterinary procedures, for example, if the pony (who I've known for six months and has never been lame during that time) develops unexplained, long-term lameness. Does this sound reasonable?

I had a pony as a child (he developed navicular, which is possibly why I'm so worried about lameness) but that was 30 years ago and I'm feeling rusty!!

Any advice on this or any other tips on loaning would be very much appreciated, as I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing.

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flowerpotwoman · 03/08/2009 13:37

Bumping for horsey types

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flowerpotwoman · 03/08/2009 13:44

And again? guess you're all riding??

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Owls · 03/08/2009 17:49

tbh I'd like the "major" part to be more specific. Mud fever, field injuries, ect., can actually soon mount up to be a sizeable bill. A Welshie kept at grass shrieks potential Laminitus to me, depending on grazing. Maybe have a cut off point in actual £££s as to what you pay? Rather than the vagueness that is field injuries, etc.

So exciting for you and DD good luck! When my DD was that age she adored Pony Club and it was really good for her. Something maybe you could think about?

flowerpotwoman · 03/08/2009 23:27

Thanks Owls, your advice sounds very wise . I'll suggest a cap on what I'll pay (any thoughts on actual ££)? I want to be fair/reasonable.

I filled out the PC form today!

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flowerpotwoman · 03/08/2009 23:29

BTW, AFAIK, he's never had laminitis, but I'll mention it to his owner, just to see what she says. Cheers for that.

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Owls · 04/08/2009 08:43

Flowerpot, ask them if the pony is insured. He should have third party liability insurance at the very least. They might have insurance for the vet fees although there is usually a hefty excess. I just think you need to have your position made clearer to avoid possible future problems.

BHS membership gives you third party liability included in the membership fee. Think the PC used to do that but not sure now (too many years ago!)

Another thing to think about is tack insurance although tbh that depends on how valuable it is as to whether it's worth insuring.

MitchyInge · 04/08/2009 08:55

I'd want it spelled out very clearly too - perhaps it refers to invasive surgery, like for colic or something? I was also thinking 'is the pony insured' but Owls has beaten me to it!

Anyway congratulations to your daughter, she must be thrilled. I've just taken one on part loan for my 10 yr old and think am even more obsessed with it than she is

horseymum · 04/08/2009 19:57

The bhs has a loan agreement you can download and customise. There is a section for describing things like that on it. That is what i have for my horse. The loanee has insured her (her choice, I never had her insured when she was with me) and she knows that if there is a recurrence of the problem that means she is not up to full fitness and is therefore out on loan from me, that she will have to be put to sleep, so you can be quite specific. I would go for a limit in financial terms but to be honest, if you are loaning a pony, you take on pretty much the full responsibiity for its welfare.

flowerpotwoman · 05/08/2009 11:29

Thank you Owls, MitchyInge and Horseymum: I'm waiting for the owner to email me her contract so I can see the small print. I'll check out the BHS loan agreement.

My DD is already insured third party for riding anyway, but Pony Club membership covers it too.

Thanks for your support: although my DD has already had ponies on part loan, this feels like a big step because I'll be solely responsible for this one. Just hope it's worth all my angst!

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Owls · 06/08/2009 08:28

Good luck! Keep us posted as to how it works out.

flowerpotwoman · 06/08/2009 21:19

He's coming tomorrow! On a three-week trial so we can see how he goes for the rest of the hols; then for 12 months (or maybe more?).

I've spent today organising insurance etc: I don't know which one of us is the most excited .

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MitchyInge · 07/08/2009 09:41

good luck!

will there be pics for us to see?

have not seen my horse or our partial pony for nearly a week now

Owls · 07/08/2009 11:17

Ooooh it is so exciting isn't it. I still remember getting DD's first pony which seems like aeons ago now. Has he done much pony club stuff with his previous owner?

Mitchy - why haven't you been able to see the horses? Is everything ok?

flowerpotwoman · 09/08/2009 20:02

Thanks for the ongoing interest!

So far so good (although she fell off him twice yesterday - jumping, but she falls off a lot whoever she's riding...). But he's the sweetest creature: stands completely still while she grooms him for hours and tolerates any amount of fuss.

Don't know that much about his history; don't think he's done PC before, so that will be interesting.

Will post some pics once the trial period's over, as long as it goes well - don't want to jinx it.

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MitchyInge · 10/08/2009 17:28

He sounds such a sweetie, hope he enjoys pony club!

(Owls, I had 'swine flu' although I wasn't desperately ill I was afraid to come into contact with people who are pregnant or asthmatic or whatever, thought it best to wait until temperature in the normal range again. Celebrated with a fab hack today though, it's so nice having our part loan pony and hacking together! And I've lost some of my podge!)

bumpsoon · 26/08/2009 18:18

If i were you i would insure the pony ,i insured mine whilst it was on loan to me for peace of mind more than anything ,i think it was about £15 a month through pet plan . I was concerned about third party and also if she injured herself in the field etc whilst in my care ,you could ask the owner to cover the excess ,i think mine was £300 incase of injury or illness .it also covers your daughter should she be injured whilst riding ,so it is a alround good thing to have

flowerpotwoman · 28/08/2009 19:41

Hi Bumpsoon, I have insured him; just as well, cos today the vet came to give him a flu jab and had a look at him trotting up as he'd been slightly stiff a few days ago. He's now sporting a poultice... fingers crossed the bill won't be too huge. Although I'm sure it will be under the excess...

Will put some pics of him on as soon as i get a moment

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