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who rode while pregnant

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starshaker · 15/06/2009 13:23

basically i want to know if its safe. I was just starting to get back into it when i found out im pregnant. Is it safe to ride as long as i dont fall off (never fallen before and have a fab horse)

OP posts:
Nekabu · 15/06/2009 14:13

I did until 6 1/2 months (just flatwork and hacking) though I did need a hand getting off in the later stages and had to not do too much trot work in one go. Be careful of your balance changing, sitting trot gets very uncomfortable later on and never fallen off before doesn't mean you never will, so if your horse does have a silly that you'd usually ride through, consider getting off and I wouldn't do things you know are outside your horse's comfort zone either.

starshaker · 15/06/2009 14:32

were you advised against it at all

OP posts:
Nekabu · 15/06/2009 15:33

Yes but for no good reason. It seemed to be mainly based on I might fall off whilst ignoring I might be in a car crash, I might fall under a bus or I might fall down the stairs, etc. Or I should stop riding "Just in case." though in case of what was never mentioned. When I pointed out that I wasn't doing anything daft (i.e., pregnancy is not the time to try to ride your pig-phobic horse past the local pig farm!) and that I thought that exercise was recommended during pregnancy, the comments usually stopped. After all, what did pg women do before the car was invented?!

starshaker · 15/06/2009 16:37

you have a very good point there. I enjoy going for a nice relaxing hack. There is something nice about it and yeah it is good exercise. Ive not been in over a month and i have a feeling if i started again id end up with killer sore legs and a numb bum

OP posts:
Nekabu · 15/06/2009 19:02

If you haven't ridden for over a month, has someone else been exercising your horse? I wouldn't recommend riding a fresh horse who hasn't been sat on for over a month when you're pg without lungeing first at least! I made the mistake of riding mine out when I'd come back from holiday (freshly clipped on a cold windy day, to add insult to injury!) without riding in the school or lunging first and had to get off in the end as he was being too ridiculous to risk it, the silly so and so!

starshaker · 15/06/2009 23:09

hes on part loan with the local riding school so he is ridden daily. I just really miss riding

OP posts:
Nekabu · 16/06/2009 06:50

If he's been ridden during the time you've been off then how about having a lesson first, that way you have someone on the ground keeping an eye on you and you'll be in the school so may feel more secure. Then go for a hack the next day/time you ride?

starshaker · 16/06/2009 07:12

yeah that sounds like a good idea. Will book in for today i think. The school know im pregnant and they said it was my decission but there are now a few hacks im not allowed to do and i cant go out alone.

OP posts:
broguemum · 16/06/2009 07:36

Congratulations on your baby - I've posted before about riding when pregnant and I would really think very carefully about it.

I rode up to 7 months during my first pregnancy as I judged that the risks to my unborn child were minimal. I have my own horse and I had no problems until the last ride I'd planned to do before hanging up my saddle and turning my mare out for the summer. My mare shied at something and since my balance was not quite as it should have been I wrenched my right hip badly and it took me a while to be able to get off the horse when we got back from the hack.

I recovered from that although I did have problems walking up stairs for sometime.

Roll on 4 years, I fell pregnant again. From 4 weeks in I suffered badly from pain in my right hip, I developed SPD and I am still having problems with the SI joint and a generally twisted pelvis. This is over 6 years later.

So my advice, think really carefully and remember that your ligaments are getting looser and looser. I weighed up the risks and thought that if I was sensible the risks to my unborn child were minimal but I did not appreciate how pregnancy hormones can relax your ligaments etc and so you can damage yourself as a result of something that would have otherwise been innocuous.

Sorry for the ranty ramble. I feel quite passionate about this one and I wish someone had told me when I was up the duff the first time as I don't think I'd be in the mess I am in now. Mind you, I probably wouldn't have listened .

Wishing you all the best for your baby.

Atiqa · 18/06/2009 10:43

I rode until I was 7 months only stopped then as could not get on any more so I drove him instead then as long as ur horse is usually safe and well behaved u should b ok

GothMummy · 27/06/2009 23:32

I rode my 14.2hh safe cob during my pregnancy. I have retired him now and so he is my son's lead rein now, but I would not ride my new 16.3hh whilst pregnant... hes just too far away from the ground, and his reactions are just too quick!

HorsechestnutBlossom · 27/06/2009 23:51

I rode my unpredictable 16.3 hh until 5 mths pregnant with my first and fell off, so shocked, told the shepherd who was round mine. He said don't ever tell dh and not to ride again as not worth it.

4th pgnancy I was booked to go on a riding holiday w my friend's darling 16.3hh, went on it, fab time, no problems.

I would therefore say know the horse and go with your instincts.

horseymum · 21/07/2009 13:42

hi, I rode first time up to about 7 months, only my hrse and a friends I tursted. i was getting quite out of breath by the end though. 2nd time round i stopped a bit earlier but didn't have as much time anyway. Did not jump either time. My gp is a rider so he was quite supportive. If you are just getting back into it maybe you are not as secure or confident as you could be though- I wouldn't if i wasn't a pretty secure rider. i actually had more problems after baby as you want to get back on straight away but don't realise how poor your muscles are- I fell off twice in teh first few weeks back on!!!

GothMummy · 23/07/2009 15:48

OK, so having had an early m/c whilst being careful and not riding etc I have revised my previous opinion and should I get pregnant again, I will continue to ride whilst I feel it is appropriate and safe. I will probably only ride my TB x in the school though to minimise risk (apparently in a previous home he used to take off!)

Southwestwhippet · 10/08/2009 20:52

I'm 17 weeks, still riding every day. I have to say, having been a bit of a jumping fanatic, I am now much more content to just hack/flatwork. However, I do take the work-ponies for a gallop round the fields (I'm a riding instructor).

I know that riding is never 100% safe but I know my horses and I know myself as a rider... until my balance starts to change I don't intend to limit what I do other than (mostly) avoiding the jumping.

My pony is very sharp and spooky but I know him inside out and I feel safe on him. My theory is that riding makes me feel relaxed, happy, excited, positive and a whole host of other great emotions. I like to think this will mean that the baby will be enjoying it too.

skihorse · 11/08/2009 11:09

It's so refreshing to read all your positive stories. I am to continue riding as long as I "feel comfortable" - she's very trustworthy but of course we all know there is never any guarantee.

I had an early-mc in june and my biggest problem was having to get off to drink water because I was so thirsty!

I might put my spin around Badminton on hold...

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