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Anyone off to any competitions/shows this weekend?

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alicecrail · 09/05/2009 08:16

I am thinking about jumping tomorrow, is anyone else doing anything?

OP posts:
Nekabu · 09/05/2009 08:20

Not me though I do have some schedules as am thinking of taking my coblet to his first show to do a little inhand or something. Do you reckon I'd be off my trolley to take a youngster to their first show at over 7 months pg? He's literally never done anything before so I don't know how freaked he'll be.

Good luck with your jumping if you decide to go and let us know how it went!

alicecrail · 09/05/2009 08:34

Could someone else take him for you? Remember that you will have to run!
I'm helping at a show and if it's quiet i might enter my mare or take her round afterwards, she gets a bit keen, so i am a bit concerned about my brakes

OP posts:
Nekabu · 09/05/2009 09:29

I'll have my dh with me but I'd be the one waddling round with him. I'll have some loading practise to see how he is with that and then maybe have a think about it. Summer babies are all very nice but it's right in the middle of the season!

Good luck with your brakes ...

alicecrail · 09/05/2009 11:41

So inconsiderate!!
My dd was due on 13th nov which fits into the break between the horse sales which is DH busiest time of year. we were convinced she would come smack bang in the middle of the worst week, but she was very good and came only a day late

OP posts:
alicecrail · 11/05/2009 12:00

I jumped my little mare yesterday in the 2'6" class and came 3rd so really pleased. The brakes weren't great!

OP posts:
Pixel · 11/05/2009 14:32

Well done!

Nekabu · 12/05/2009 09:50

That's brilliant! Well done you! I wish you luck with your braking system ...

alicecrail · 12/05/2009 11:35

i need it! I am going to try jumping her in a grackle next time as i have ridden her in one before (forgot my bridle!) and she was lovely and light and definitely put a martingale on as she throws her head up and just goes...(it is very hard not to scream!!)

OP posts:
Nekabu · 13/05/2009 09:33

Definitely sounds worth a practise session in martingale and grackle! See what she's like in the warm up; if she doesn't like one or the other it's easy enough to change.

When are you off to your next pony party then?!

alicecrail · 13/05/2009 10:21

There is a sj clear round evening on 10th june that i think we will do, and a competition on 14th june but can't make that one as we're off to a christening.

I have a picture of her jumping on my profile that was taken 2yrs ago (i was 3months pg ) She was only 6 then, she is such a star, but now thinks she knows best!

OP posts:
Nekabu · 13/05/2009 19:07

She has a very nice jump! Good luck with the clear round; that sounds a good place to try the grackle/martingale too. Let us know how you get on!

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