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Earlier I had

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Pixel · 25/04/2009 23:55

A great idea for a thread and now I can't remember what it was.


If it comes back to me I'll let you know...

OP posts:
MitchyInge · 26/04/2009 10:29

oh what a tease!

I have a few ideas this morning:

  • would you buy sparkly fly repellent? (I was looking at recipes and thought about putting glitter in then wondered if there would be a market for it?)

  • AIBU to think my horse is the cleverest and bravest in the world for loading onto a trailer so nicely yesterday? They said it couldn't be done!

  • feeds, supplements etc - am a bit obsessed with this at the moment

  • Project Topline - see above

  • AIBU to not want to wear a body protector for x country?
MitchyInge · 26/04/2009 18:37

oh come on pixel . . . !

Pixel · 26/04/2009 20:25

No sorry, I'm still completely blank. I know I thought of it when I was riding yesterday and meant to post it on here when I got home. Perhaps it will come back to me when I ride tomorrow? I think I'm getting Oldtimers disease lately.

In answer to your questions... sparkly fly repellent, not for me sorry but then I'm more of the traditional type than the Katie Price type! Might look nice on a dainty little pony but not a great big cob like mine.

Certainly your horse is clever and wonderful for loading nicely, you must be a very proud mummy .

Don't know, are you obsessed with supplements? Some people do seem to spend fortunes and their horses don't look any better than mine. More money than sense I say! Ours get Equilibra and garlic powder and that's it.

Body protector one is a bit tricky because I've never worn one personally but then I've never done cross-country either! On balance I'd say you really should wear it but I don't like to preach .

OP posts:
MitchyInge · 27/04/2009 16:19

Oldtimers disease! I bet I am the oldest person in the tack room, sadly the least competent and definitely the least experienced but maybe the most excessively enthusiastic!

Yes supplements and Project Topline occupy most of my waking thoughts, just phased out supa barley in favour of spillers conditioning cubes which I have mixed feelings about but in conjunction with the blue chip original (and the cortaflex stuff) I'm hoping he will flourish - am using garlic chaff instead of powder but have heard it is not as effective

was thrilled when someone had a lesson on him recently, having last ridden him several months ago and she was amazed at how improved he was both in his movement and overall condition

alicecrail · 30/04/2009 09:14

Mitchy i use Sharp nutrition's Pure grow 28 for my horses and it is fab! I have tried blue chip but found it just didn't have the results i hoped for, especially at the price! But the stuff i use is the same sort of stuff (feed balancer, looks the same etc) and it is only £9 a bag and that lasts me about 8weeks for 2 horses (they have 1 cup a day now, but over the winter it was 2) and it has made an amazing difference. Took about a month to notice.

Oh, and your horse is nice and clever and brave and i would use sparkly fly spray

Butkin · 30/04/2009 11:18

We'd use sparkly fly spray at shows - we already use NAF OFF fly spray and Sparkle anyway so one product to do two jobs!

We're sceptical about supplements as can't really see the benefits. Have tried Blue Chip and over this Winter we've used a Bailey's lo-cal balancer plus Outshine and an American blood tonic. Also tried Magic (a calmer) with the youngster before shows.
Not sure if they help the horses or just calm our nerves!

I think most of the before/after photos in adverts are just the difference between Winter and Summer coats/condition - you can tell by the trees etc in the background.

We use body protectors for X Country and DD wears hers for any sort of jumping although I don't use mine for hunting (I'm probably being silly though). Is there a reason why you don't want to wear one?

alicecrail · 30/04/2009 11:33

Oh yeah body protectors. I wear one when i go cross country but again not for hunting. I used to wear one on the yearlings too although never fell off one of them
They keep your boobs in place too

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