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Mother and Foal back together after 8 weeks, mother was dry but this morning I have discovered

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TheGodmother · 17/04/2009 15:26

that she is feeding the foal again. I have separated them this morning; have left foal in the stable alone, and mare in meadow. Completely stuck on what to do next. I can't leave foal by herself indefinitely and mare in the meadow, but have no other ponies as a companion. Any suggestions? Foal is 9mths.

OP posts:
Owls · 17/04/2009 21:14

Can you divide up the paddock with electric tape when you turn them out?

TheGodmother · 17/04/2009 23:16

I have divided it up already so that is an option but would it not matter that they can still see each other. I have a friend who has known people who don't bother to wean their foals and she says they have been fine, and I would just have to be more dominant with the foal and spend lots of time with it. However am a bit dubious but don't know what else to do. I have put them both in the stable together tonight. What's the worse that can happenn?

OP posts:
Jajas · 17/04/2009 23:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BananaFruitBat · 17/04/2009 23:23

What? Someone on Mumsnet is trying to stop a mother from feeding her child?

Couldn't resist. No idea how to help, but I'd love to see some pictures!

TheGodmother · 17/04/2009 23:40

LOL was going to post on AIBU, but chickened out !! Will try and put pics up, where do you put them now that the member profiles threads have gone?

OP posts:
BananaFruitBat · 17/04/2009 23:49

I think you can just put them on your profile and then make your profile public.

Nekabu · 18/04/2009 17:54

Post an ad in your local tackshops and ask on any horsey forums to see if anyone else in your area has weanling/s that you could chuck yours out with for a month or so. If someone's had a solitary foal they may be only too grateful for a young playmate for theirs!

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