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MitchyInge · 06/04/2009 09:50

what's the difference between the liquid and powder?

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alicecrail · 06/04/2009 11:45

I'm not sure but apparently it is not good to buy big tubs of it as it goes off and will then not work. Some companies now do individual sachets of it. (dh is a vet, so i hear all sorts of useless infomation )

MitchyInge · 06/04/2009 12:14


just bought an enormous tub of it - well not 'it', but a less expensive version (still made by equine america)

how annoying, wonder if it keeps longer in the fridge?

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alicecrail · 06/04/2009 13:35

Dh has just said that the "research" into it expiring was done by the company that now sell it in individual sachets, so not to worry too much, and that there shouldn't be any difference with liquid and powder - i hope that helps

MitchyInge · 06/04/2009 14:05

thank you mr and mrs alicecrail

there's only enough in the tub for a couple of months anyway, hopefully it won't degrade into anything too dodgy in that time!

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