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The tack room

Video of driving class gone wrong - unbelievable!

14 replies

Pixel · 28/03/2009 20:13

Remind me never to go in one of those little sulky things!

OP posts:
OhYouBadBadKitten · 28/03/2009 20:24

blimey - I found that really horrid, its bad enough when one of the ponies in dds rding vlass has a moment!
Astonishing that it says that the horses and people were ok after.

FAQinglovely · 28/03/2009 20:29

not sure the woman on the loud speaker is really helping saying "keep quiet" while talking constantly through it!

brimfull · 28/03/2009 20:36

god that was awful

MitchyInge · 29/03/2009 18:03


was the last horse ok do you think?

Pixel · 29/03/2009 20:33

Apparently it was ok and won a class at another show soon after, according to the comments. I don't know what that bloke thought he was doing trying to lasso it anyway .

OP posts:
MitchyInge · 30/03/2009 09:47

I really don't know what I would do in that situation? I hope I wouldn't shout and wave my arms about like some of those people, though I suppose they felt a bit vulnerable in there!

Trinityrhino · 30/03/2009 09:55

surely leving it alone till it ran out of steam would have been the way forward
I mean I dont ride or anything but surely running up to a frightened horse and trying to grab it is only going to make it worse

mrsblanc · 30/03/2009 10:05

what a bunch of idiots

mrsblanc · 30/03/2009 10:06

thanks for posting that Pixel. Incredible footage.
I can't believe the arm flapping men - and the crowd SCREAMING

MitchyInge · 30/03/2009 10:10

yes the screaming was so unhelpful wasn't it! other than that it all too closely resembled my first attempt at lunging recently*

*not really

mrsblanc · 30/03/2009 23:29

none of those involved appear to have the slightest understanding of horses.


Nekabu · 14/04/2009 16:42

The commentator had good advice. You couldn't have left the original horse to just run out of steam as it would have come whacking in to join the other horses anyway. I don't know what the people still sitting in their carts were playing at though. They should have been at their horses heads and, as soon as it looked like it wasn't going to be resolved quickly, unharnessing their horses. It was very lucky nothing was hurt!

Pixel · 14/04/2009 19:24

I did read somewhere that the woman still sitting in her cart is paralysed down one leg following a car accident. If you look you can see someone drag her over and put her on a chair. She doesn't have much luck does she?!

OP posts:
Nekabu · 14/04/2009 21:47

Pixel, you're quite right, I've watched it again and it does look as though she's being helped out. I can't believe the poor thing was left for so long and nobody went to her horse's head!

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