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Reasonably priced riding gear for boys?

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Pixel · 26/03/2009 23:33

I don't want to spend a fortune as ds is growing like a weed and he has a terrible habit of sucking his collars and ruining them but I would like to get him a couple of horsey t-shirts for the summer. He could wear them with his Jodhs (and also with jeans as it is very hard to find stuff for boys that doesn't have skulls, skaters or football logos on.) It seems unfair that dd could have any number of cute horsey tshirts but manufacturers obviously don't see riding as a suitable hobby for little boys!

Any ideas? He is almost 9 so wouldn't want anything too babyish.

OP posts:
Frizbe · 26/03/2009 23:48

Have Brantano got anything?

MerryPonymum · 27/03/2009 00:03

Have you tried Robinsons (go to Kids Wear)- we get a lot of stuff from here, I don't have boys myself but noticed some boy models in T-shirts in the catalogue so definitely worth a look - and the kids' T-shirts go up to age 12.

Pixel · 27/03/2009 18:45

Thanks Merryponymum, I got the new Robinsons catalogue the other day but there is only one little boy in there modelling a sort of camoflage cagoule. I just looked on your link as I thought there might be more stuff on the website and there is a boy with a t-shirt, but unfortunately with a rather naff drawing that I could do better myself (ok, perhaps now I'm being fussy). Maybe I should complain to Robinsons for being sexist!

Everywhere is the same though. Tesco has some nice riding jackets and jodhs - for girls - and the Katie Price range, obviously no point in going there! I went into a saddlers the other day and everything there was pink and sparkly. Even my dd would have drawn the line. (bought myself a nice Rockfish tshirt though so not a wasted journey )

Maybe I'll just wait a couple of months and see if there is anything at Hickstead, I know someone who runs a stall and I might get a discount, if she is in a good mood.

OP posts:
Pixel · 27/03/2009 18:46

Frizbe, I was in Brantano the other day, didn't see anything unfortunately.

OP posts:
MerryPonymum · 27/03/2009 19:03

Aww that's a shame, Pixel. And Tesco was going to be my next suggestion! I've had a quick Google and everything seems to be for girls, just as you say

There's one boy here in a T-shirt but not a big selection by the look of it.

Strange- there are lots of male riders - where do manufacturers think they all come from if there are no young boys interested?!

Pixel · 27/03/2009 19:36

Thanks, I'll keep those in mind, they are the best so far .

OP posts:
hambis · 28/03/2009 17:29

Have you tried Joules stuff? They do some nice stuff,my little boy (whos nearly 5) has got a few bits from there.

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