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OK Horsey people I need your help :-)

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HolyGuacamole · 25/03/2009 14:35

Our driveway runs down the side of a field of horses. They are always sticking their heads thru and nibbling at the grass that runs up the side. I wanted to plant some bulbs there for next spring so that we have nice flowers down the driveway.

My question is, is there anything I should NOT plant? Obviously we do not want to put down anything that might poison or harm the horses as they are beautiful, plus we like the fact that they have a nibble on our grass. Are we better off just leaving it as grass and forgetting the flower thing?

Thanks very much in advance

OP posts:
frostyfingers · 25/03/2009 14:59

Are they your horses? If not, you can ask their owner to run a wire down the inside of your hedge/fence to stop them leaning over. I had to do this, and ended up doing it with a proper electric fence - costly, but worth it to keep neighbour happy. I'm not sure about what bulbs would be poisonous - perhaps check with a vet or look up on the internet.

Pixel · 25/03/2009 16:56

Do you know I'm not sure either! I always assumed daffs etc would be poisonous but there is a riding school near here that has them in the field in the spring with no obvious ill-effects. Time for a google I think .

MitchyInge · 26/03/2009 09:32

I'd like to know about this too, you know how some yards have lovely hanging baskets outside each stable? I always wonder how they stop the horses eating them or whether it is safe. It would be nice to brighten the place up a bit!

alicecrail · 26/03/2009 12:37

Generally horses don't tend to eat things that are poisonous to them if they have enough to eat. If you like them eating the grass i would leave it, or plant bulbs out of their reach

HolyGuacamole · 26/03/2009 15:11

Thanks for the replies folks

The horses are not ours, the guy next to us has a stud. I think we will just leave it as the grass, we do enjoy going over and petting them when they have a nibble plus they keep the grass up the driveway short for us

There is an electric wire running along the top of the fence but they wiggle their heads under it

OP posts:
Butkin · 28/03/2009 04:09

Not sure about flowers. The obvious things to avoid are ragwort, yew and we don't allow ours to scoff acorns.

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