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NPS members?

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MitchyInge · 04/02/2009 23:34

bit disappointed that there was such a poor turnout for our area AGM - everyone wants to go to the shows but few people can be bothered to support them

not that I am very involved, just thought it was a shame and wondered how many tack room mnetters are members or would consider joining their area?

national pony society

OP posts:
Butkin · 05/02/2009 15:20

NPS are an enigma to us. We have to spend such a lot of money joining BSPS and PUK otherwise we can't go to the Championship shows.

Although we enjoy competing at the NPS shows we don't want the trek to Malvern so don't need to join.

I guess NPS membership appeals to people more to the West/Midlands who want to go to their finals.

It seems a well run organisation but as yet we've not seen the "killer application" (as techies call it) that would encourage to/make us join.

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