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The tack room

how often do you clean your tack?

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mysterymoniker · 10/01/2009 22:15

(please don't say 'every day')

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Ebb · 10/01/2009 22:30

If I'm being honest I used to wipe it over quickly if it got muddy and then give it a good clean once a week but I had no other commitments when I had my horse so could quite happily have spent hours tack cleaning / grooming etc. I rinsed the bit every time I used the bridle though. Can't stand dirty bits! Ooer Mrs...... Sadly don't have a horse any more but still ride.

ladypinky · 10/01/2009 23:08

I do a quick clean after every use and do a proper clean once a week I love doing it, I rinse the bit off immediately this avoids having to soak it. I agree Ebb Can't stand dirty bits either

LadyOfWaffle · 11/01/2009 17:22

I wiped mine over every time I used it, esp. when muddy/wet. Take apart once a week, maybe more. Clean the leather girth daily or else it cracks. Dip and clean the bit daily with a toothbrush.

mysterymoniker · 11/01/2009 18:31

argh I am scum . . . !

OP posts:
LadyOfWaffle · 11/01/2009 18:49

I love tack cleaning though.

Tidgypuds · 11/01/2009 18:52

I had to have a quick look just to make sure this wasnt a thread started in Dadsnet

mysterymoniker · 11/01/2009 18:58

I love it too - therapeutic and like to think it's more comfortable for them when it's softer and shinier

am just lazy, plus we now have a synthetic saddle which I don't even know how to clean

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