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How much would you pay.

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someon · 08/01/2024 21:09

I know horse prices are through the roof at the minute and I've not brought a horse in a very long time as all ours stay for a life time.

Went to see horse in the week it's a Tb big boy needed weight put on him out of a bit of condition but it's winter ! he has a medical condition that would not pass a vetting but does not affect him he finished racing at an older age he is older then 12 has hunted he is quite laid back chap he does not come with anything all I want him for is general riding hacking be a nice laid back home for life. They have priced him at quite a lot I offered a lot below the asking price. Up for mid 4s but I offered low 2s. They think he is worth 4s.
Be interested to know what others think re his pricing.

OP posts:
PaperDoves · 08/01/2024 21:19

If he's up for £4500 that's a very reasonable price for an experienced, easy to do TB. Any other breed would be a lot more, tbh! What is the health condition?

Lastqueenofscotland2 · 08/01/2024 21:56

These days £2k is just not happening for anything vaguely sound, not dangerous and under about 20.

feelingalittlehorse · 08/01/2024 22:06

What is the medical condition? Any financial constraints of that would alter my offer.

But essentially, I agree with the above. 2K atm is either something half dead, or something that will leave you as such!!!

GildedAge · 08/01/2024 22:08

Yes, I think you are a bit out of touch unfortunately.

LessonsLearnedInLife · 08/01/2024 22:11

What’s the medical condition? It’s very risky buying anything that wouldn’t pass a vetting…

Honeyroar · 08/01/2024 22:20

Yes it would depend on the condition he has. But a laid back tb that hunts is something of value. Will cost you a fortune to feed! If he were straight off the track and a bit silly/inexperienced you’d be looking more at £2k.

someon · 08/01/2024 23:23

It's a heart murmur didn't want to say as it might out me.
Yes they cost a fortune to feed

OP posts:
Honeyroar · 09/01/2024 00:19

Hmm that could knock the price down a fair bit. What’s the prognosis for it? I’d want to see medical records really. I presume you’d get it vetted? What do you want to do with it?

someon · 09/01/2024 03:40

It would not pass a vetting it's a grade 1 it was found through a routine vet check when having vaccines.
Would be general riding horse in a ménage and hacking and a small amount of jumping

OP posts:
twistyizzy · 09/01/2024 08:10

TBs don't necessarily cost a fortune to feed unless they have ulcers! My 21 Yr old is fed speesibeet, Thunderbrooks xhagf, balancer + linseed if needed. Comes out at under £30 per month.
Ad lib forage is the key to getting weight on.
I am a TB addict but you need to go in with your eyes open: what are his feet like? I would go with a physio instead of vet if you know he won't pass a vet. Ask physio to look at the spine and check for any abnormalities which may indicate Kissing Spines or SI issues.
I would say for a heart murmur you would definitely knock some off the price.

feelingalittlehorse · 09/01/2024 09:45

Depends what the murmur is. Large, fit horses can have low grade “functional” murmurs, which don’t actually cause a problem. They disappear with exercise and the horse would easily pass a vetting with one, and be worth the price advertised (and more, actually).
If it’s a murmur caused by actual cardiac disease that’s going to progress, I wouldn’t buy the horse full stop.

maxelly · 09/01/2024 10:22

Would you consider asking this question over on horse and hound, no offense to MNetters (I am one!) but our area of expertise is probably more kids ponies than hunters with complex veterinary issues, there's a lot of people over there who really have a lot of experience who might be able to advise you better?

I don't know a huge amount about heart murmurs but do know quite a lot of racing TBs have them and if it doesn't stop them racing then it shouldn't affect them in light work but I'd want to know how it would affect insurance, does it make all insurance a no-no or would it just mean an exclusion on all cardiac conditions?

Also, you say 'has hunted', how recently? Fit and has been out once a week with a 'big county' pack this year is very different to 'once saw some hounds across a field 10 years ago in Ireland' - a weight carrying ready to go proven hunter would be worth £10k at least so they've already knocked a huge amount off his value if that's the case. If he's not that what work has he been in recently as having hunted a long time ago doesn't really do much to his value today?

Also you keep saying he'd 'fail' a vetting but do you mean any vetting - you vet a horse for suitability for the job you want him for, so are you saying the murmur would mean he can't be sold as a hunter, or as any kind of ridden horse including a light hack? If the former you can and probably should still have him vetted for suitability for your job (I'd want to know the weight loss was just standard TB over winter stuff and not a sign of ulcers or a worsening of the cardiac disease, plus I'd want to make sure as standard he was sound in all 4 limbs, breathing clear etc). If the latter OR if the seller is trying to fob you off and discourage getting a vetting 'because he'll fail anyway' then walk away at any price!

Value wise it is really hard to know, prices are still high at some ends of the market but if he's not really a hunter as such, just a nice low level riding club horse, assuming he's bombproof, no vices, a novice ride and he's 13 exactly (you say over 12, there's a huge difference between 13 and 23 obviously!), they would probably not be too far off with the £4.5k estimate without the heart murmur (if he was not a TB, a sports horse type for instance it would probably be £10k+!). With the murmur, who knows, I think PPs are right that £2k is too little, totally raw TBs off the track, not restarted or retrained in any way are going for more than that ATM - of course horses like houses are worth what someone will pay, if you really like him maybe meet in the middle somewhere starting with a 3? If you're not getting a vetting I assume that means no insurance for vets bills - you'd want then to be putting a chunk away into savings against emergencies (not a crazy idea, I did the same for one of my uninsurable ones but on the clear understanding she would not be having any more expensive diagnostics or surgeries, this was just enough to make her comfortable in an acute situation and PTS if needed, even that can come to a huge amount so you need a good chunk saved)?

someon · 09/01/2024 12:43

Thank you for everybody's reply's.

Im fortunate that I don't have to worry about vets bills

He hunted 2022/23 season he is not fit now for hunting but ready to go on to be in ridden work he recently learnt someone to ride and he is more kick along laid back than go go and for a TB he has a superb temperament
The lady that is selling for owners has know him all his life she says he has never had a sick or sorry day and has always looked after his riders genuine boy she said it's time he needs to be loved and looked after he is being brought for my DP who is very very novice learning to ride and I will ride him too so it will be nothing to taxing for him.
I've also had a horses before with heart murmur so that factor has not bothered me too much it got detected when my old horse was 15 they said slight murmur And he died at 24 and was active and was still being ridden he just never retired that's the type of horses he was I know every horse is different.
I've still got my old 20yr old tb mare and I've had her since out of racing she don't keep weight on well so I know what there like to keep I prefer this type of horse and we have a lot of grazing and I don't think I'd be good with cob types keep weight off and it's what you get use too
I've got him for low 3s so exciting times.

OP posts:
PaperDoves · 09/01/2024 13:07

That's fantastic news, how exciting! I hope you both have a wonderful time together

JesusMaryAndJosephAndTheWeeDon · 11/01/2024 10:43

someon · 08/01/2024 23:23

It's a heart murmur didn't want to say as it might out me.
Yes they cost a fortune to feed

A heart murmur shouldn't stop a horse passing the vet as a happy hacker, but would as a competition horse. It isn't really a pass or fail, more recommendations anyway.

I would get the vet anyway, and be wary that the seller is trying to persuade you not yo

Floralnomad · 11/01/2024 17:33

I’m glad you’ve bought him @someon as it’s lovely that he has found a forever home .

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