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Picking up my new pony today!

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UpUpUpU · 21/11/2023 08:54

I just wanted to share with people who will appreciate my excitement!

I have had horses all my life but gave them up 6 years ago so I could have my son. The last year I have been craving horses so much. I have had lessons, part shares etc to keep my hand in but it hasn't scratched the itch at all! I turn 40 in 2 weeks so thought now is the time!

My beautiful youngster arrives today! She has been backed to ride and drive (far too early for my liking) but she will be turned away over winter, pampered, lots of in hand work, in hand walking, confidence building etc, with the idea of re backing if she is ready in the spring. If not, we'll continue with the ground work. I am so excited, I am like a little kid at Christmas!

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similarminimer · 21/11/2023 10:47

Congratulations! Have lots of fun

Lastqueenofscotland2 · 21/11/2023 10:49

OP… you can’t possibly post this without a photo!

Mollyplop999 · 21/11/2023 14:09

Congratulations! But more details required please???

maxelly · 21/11/2023 14:21

Congrats! Sounds lovely, a ride and drive cob is hard to beat IMO (if that's what she is!)

Floralnomad · 21/11/2023 16:55


UpUpUpU · 22/11/2023 07:09

Sorry for the slow reply, it was a busy day!

Here she is. Settled in lovely 😊

Lots of growing and maturing to do. I just can’t believe she has been hacked as she’s so babyish still.

Anyhow, she is in for lots of fun and love with me and my son. I will update as we progress 😊

Picking up my new pony today!
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Mollyplop999 · 22/11/2023 21:34

Sounds as though the lucky girl has found the right owner. It's lovely to hear that you're not going to rush her. So many people start them too early.

similarminimer · 23/11/2023 16:11


Mysa74 · 23/11/2023 18:33

What a lovely, fun looking horse! She look like the type to turn her hoof too anything and everything. How old is she? She looks as if she'll get a lot wider through the chest even if she doesn't get taller. My sister's fjord was the same backed earlier than we'd've like as they said she was full grown (at 2.5, really?). We turned her away and just practiced ground things, leading, feet, gates, scary plastic bags and farm machinery that she never even batted an eye lid at and just enjoyed her. By the time we were in the saddle she was a different horse with a leg in each corner with a chest in-between. Looking back at the early photos she really looked as if both of her front legs came out of the same hole. She also went up 3 rug sizes from 5'3 without getting fat...
I really hope you both have as much fun as we have Grin

AwkwardPaws27 · 23/11/2023 18:40

She's a beauty. What's her name?

UpUpUpU · 25/11/2023 20:24

Her name is Betty and she will be 3 in March. She really is going to be stocky! Has a decent neck in her already.

we have been doing lots of grooming, picking up feet, walks around the yard meeting the other animals and just general enjoying each others company.

My son came to meet her today and he though she was fabulous

Picking up my new pony today!
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