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Harry Hall insurance?

11 replies

MrPickles73 · 28/09/2023 12:35

Has anyone experience of Harry Hall insurance?

I have been using the NFU but now we have 3 horses the premium is getting expensive and I am wondering about swopping to Harry Hall.

OP posts:
liveforsummer · 30/09/2023 13:37

Depends what you want it to cover as it's not at all comprehensive when it comes to vet bills. Fine for liability though

Mysa74 · 01/10/2023 07:33

I've got it just for the public liability. My horse got to the stage when vets fees weren't covered and premiums were going through the roof even though I'd never claimed so I started putting money into a separate account for her and once I had 1k saved I cancelled the policy and just put the premium price into my vet account. Didn't bother with a normal policy when I got my pony, just added her to the Harry hall. I have a comfortable amount in my vet account and have only had to use it once when my horse impaled herself on a gate, something the ordinary insurance probably wouldn't have covered anyway.

MrPickles73 · 01/10/2023 07:42

I think Harry hall vet insurance covers accidents just not illness / lameness. And you can pay extra for colic cover.

OP posts:
MrPickles73 · 01/10/2023 07:44

I tempted because we have 1 horse and 2 ponies with NFU. Cost of ponies including vet insurance is about £1000 per year. Cost of horse per year is £2000.
We've had them a year. So far all our vet bills (about £500) haven't been covered by insurance anyway..

OP posts:
MrPickles73 · 01/10/2023 07:45

Harry Hall would be about £800 for all 3. Less comprehensive but public liability, colic and vet for accidents up to £3000.

OP posts:
CocoonofDavid · 07/10/2023 14:12

That sounds very expensive for Harry Hall… I think I pay just over £100 a year. (Cover up to £1500 for vets fees)

I insured with them for external injuries/public liability. They paid out with no fuss when I made a claim. In my case it was a field kick that also resulted in a fracture. Be aware tho that I was only covered because the kick broke the skin- he had a small cut that was stapled. Because of the external wound I was covered for the X-rays/vet visits etc for the fracture… but if there’d been no cut he wouldn’t have been covered. My bill was 2k and they covered their liability - £1500 minus the excess.

feelingalittlehorse · 07/10/2023 21:13

Not me, but a friend got really screwed over by this. Although it seems like she didn’t read the small print.
She thought she was covered for vets fees up to £3000, I think? But it turns out they only covered for external injury, and strangely, surgical colics.

She was landed with the very sizeable bill for the horse. She’s now with another insurance company- cancelling the Harry Hall insurance I think was also not that easy.

Mine are with Petplan, and I’ve had very little issue with them but it is very expensive (although I have a multi-pet policy)

Pleasedontdothat · 07/10/2023 21:28

It’s not really small print though .. the policy wording is very clear that the basic policy covers public liability and a (fairly small) amount for external accidental injury. That’s why the premiums are cheap compared to standard policies. You can choose to have colic cover too which puts it up to about £400 per horse. It’s not the same as standard insurance but for owners of older horses or horses with multiple exclusions it can help in a limited set of circumstances.

liveforsummer · 07/10/2023 21:50

Agree it's not small print at all. It's very clear as I looked in to it too when insuring my pony. I decided external wasn't enough as I know the risks of laminitis etc and the cost that can bring in native ponies. Colic is generally an optional extra on many insurance policies separate to their general cover

liveforsummer · 07/10/2023 21:51

Sorry posted too soon. It's not strange as she had to actively select that option

Clemally · 07/10/2023 21:54

I have liability and trailer cover with HH, never had to claim, Pet Plan for vets fees and they’ve been really good. I think daughter also gets rider liability with PC membership.

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