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Pony being mistreated

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Tambatamba · 22/09/2023 18:58

There is a child of about 10 at our yard who owns a pony there and today he was in my daughter's lesson. He was treating the pony appallingly and kicking him hard over and over again just because he (the boy) appeared to be in a terrible mood. His mum said nothing to him except 'calm down'. He was kicking the pony constantly, not using aides just repeatedly kicking. I found it very upsetting.

I've never seen anyone else treat their horses or ponies this way Sad

OP posts:
Lastqueenofscotland2 · 23/09/2023 12:21

Unfortunately the example set by the top level riders sort of backs this horrible attitude up. There are so many videos of top level showjumpers leathering their horses for a refusal, Oliver Townend ragging that EXHAUSTED horse round Badminton and so on. It’s really depressing it’s still the case.

Freezingcoldinseptember · 23/09/2023 12:22

Surely tell the yard owner?

Xrays · 23/09/2023 12:23

Freezingcoldinseptember · 23/09/2023 12:22

Surely tell the yard owner?


twistyizzy · 23/09/2023 12:25

I would have expected the instructor to make him stop! Is the instructor qualified? No excuse for this behaviour at all.

Tambatamba · 23/09/2023 12:40

The instructor did say 'stop kicking him so hard' and 'stop chasing him'.

This child is generally poorly behaved - I've seen him threatening to hit instructors with his whip and carrying around the yard owner's dog by his front legs :(

I am not sure why the behaviour is tolerated but I think the parents must be to blame, surely. I get the feeling the mum is good friends with the yard owner. Every time he rode past his mum, he gave her the most nasty, unpleasant look.

OP posts:
twistyizzy · 23/09/2023 12:42

Report to yard owner and also speak to the instructor to say it made you feel uncomfortable. DDs instructor would never tolerate that and I've seen her make kids get off horses if they refuse to ride them properly. The kid and mum need to be told that such behaviour is unacceptable

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